Everything all the time

Dear In-N-Out Burger,

We’ve been seeing a lot of each other lately – and I’ll be the first to admit it’s been fun. You make the only quality fast food out there, and it is damn delicious. I’ve been really busy this month and you were always there for me, ready to quickly pass a box of deliciousness through my car window for $5.

We had a good thing going, but I don’t think we should see each other anymore.

It’s not you, it’s me. I… need some time alone.

Time without your buns stacked high with the works, your perfectly crisped fries, your creamy vanilla milkshakes.

I hope we can be friends one day. Take care.




Boy, that was tough. But my eating and (lack of) exercise habits have been even tougher on my body lately.

You know that final scene in Nigella Lawson’s show where she saunters over to the fridge late at night to nibble on whatever she made earlier that day? (Love that, by the way. Love her.) Well that’s been me. All. The. Time.

My new favorite snack these days? Pepperoni. Pepper-freakin-oni. Seriously? Nearly every time I open the fridge for a somewhat legitimate purpose, I have to grab some pepperoni too. I mean, it’s there.

That post last week where I mentioned I was eating nachos in bed at 10pm? Not a joke.

What the hell happened? I could’ve sworn I lived by the “everything in moderation” rule, but somewhere along the line it went from that to “everything in moderation, including moderation,” (which I think is still ok) to… everything all the time.

I’m sure I could come up with a whole crapwagon of reasons for this change, but who cares why it happened. The point is my body is not feeling like it should these days and I need to get it back on track.

I don’t know that I buy in to the whole “cleanse” thing with the juices and the not eating any real food, but here’s my plan for the next 2 weeks (until Valentine’s Day! That worked out nicely!):

1. No In-N-Out!

2. No alcohol.

3. Way more fruit and vegetables.

4. Only low fat, healthy meals. No sugar/fat laden desserts. Just more fruit.

5. EXERCISE. It’s been a while so I’m starting small. At least 15 minutes, every day. I can do that.

On one hand, the timing of this sucks because I have to watch myself with the Superbowl food/drink. On the other hand, our fridge is near empty at the moment, so as long as I only fill it with healthy things I should be good! And having Valentine’s Day be the day I get to indulge again is pretty awesome.

I’m looking forward to feeling refreshed and energized.


OH! PS – If you’ve noticed little improvements and changes at Kitchenette over the past few weeks, those have all been thanks to my awesome hubby/intrawebs-magician, Josh. The most recent and exciting update is that there is a real, working recipes page now!! Yay! Thank you hubs. 🙂

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