Shindig Snapshot: Breaking Bad Premiere!

blue sangria

If you can come up with an excuse for a party, I’m down to host. And if there’s any kind of theme involved, you better believe I’m going to exploit it to the fullest. It’s a condition I have – theme parties just make me giddy!

Since this is an increasingly common occurrence, I figured I share in what I’m calling Shindig Snapshot!

Last night was the premiere of season 5 of Breaking Bad (!!!) and I knew that meant we needed Mexican food and, well, BLUE!

(If you don’t watch the show, I’m afraid some of this post will be lost on you… I’d apologize, but I’m not really sorry. Get some Breaking Bad in your life! You can thank me later.)

blue sangria

Blue sangria= white wine, blue curacao liqueur, fruit, mint, ginger slices, and a splash of ginger beer.

My straws happen to be blue at the moment – score!

Josh was very excited about making blue ice cubes with some food coloring, but that excitement just about quadrupled when we realized we could do this:

blue... ice?

Look familiar? 🙂

The menu consisted of carnitas tacos (using some spiced up leftovers of this – that’s right I served leftovers – I was sick all week, don’t judge) with the appropriate trimmings, poblano chiles stuffed with corn & monterey jack cheese, chips and salsa.

carnitas tacos and stuffed poblano chiles

Just outside the frame of that photo Josh is standing, plate in hand, wondering why he isn’t shoveling food in his face yet. His patience is much appreciated.

By the way, if that crude Walt drawing in the background is confusing/scaring you, much hilarity awaits you here.


I’m fairly certain that wasn’t grammatically correct, but it’s been a while since high school Spanish…

poblano chiles stuffed with corn & monterey jack cheese

taco toppings

I hope this peek into our little shindig will inspire you to get crazy with a theme party of your own!

Since there aren’t any holidays or premieres coming up that I can think of…we might have to get a little creative!

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3 Responses to “Shindig Snapshot: Breaking Bad Premiere!”

  1. cindy says:

    I’m just now catching up with season 4, and have 5 recording! I love that ice, so clever and fun!

  2. Sharon says:

    Can I get the recipe for the blue sangria? I couldn’t find it on your site. And how did you do the chipped ice pieces? Thanks!


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