Zagat Tastemakers Happy Hour at Trick Dog

Alligator Alley, Boquerones on Toast

This past Thursday, I had the good fortune of attending a swanky happy hour with my great friend and new favorite hand model, Sam. The event was part of Zagat’s 30 Under 30 festivities, which honors up-and-comers in the world of cuisine.

Oh, did I mention it was free?

Free food always tastes better, but the food and drink here were truly stellar. Above are two of my favorites. The drink, Alligator Alley, combines olive oil-infused gin (?!!), chartreuse, vermouth and a kina aperitif. Next to that: boquerones on toast!

Upstairs at Trick Dog

These tasty times took place at Trick Dog, a newish (and gorgeous) bar in the Mission.

Trick Dog

Upon arrival, the place was already pretty busy.

We headed upstairs where we were greeted by St. Elmo’s Punch. This dangerous concoction included rum, bitter-sweet liqueur, pineapple, coconut, lime and cava. Oh boy…

arriving at happy hour, st. elmo's punch

St. Elmo's Punch

Ham-dressed baby lettuces – I don’t how these tasted as amazing as they did. I’d guess I had about 8 throughout the night.

Ham-dressed baby lettuces

happy hour menu

Gulf shrimp ceviche – light, refreshing, spicy.

Gulf Shrimp Ceviche

Kettle Chip Spanish tortilla with a side of photo inception!

Kettle Chip Spanish Tortilla

Brawn taco, compressed muffaletta, and wonton with smoked trout.

Wait a second, did they just put head cheese in a taco? And it was creamy and crispy and out of this world?

Yes, they did and yes it was.

Brawn taco, compressed muffaletta, wonton with smoked trout

trick dog decor

Peaches with cottage cheese. The perfect not too sweet mini-dessert, and normally, I’m so not down with cottage cheese. Whoa.

peaches with cottage cheese

the crowd at trick dog

The night ended with a drink called Trust No One Under 30. (I call shenanigans!) It had bourbon, Aperol, peach and lemon. Plus, it matched what was left of my chipped nail polish!

Trust No One Under 30

Sometimes, cool things just happen this easily:

zagat tweet


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  1. Oooh, what a cool event! Sadly, I couldn’t have attended as I don’t make that “under 30” cutoff (by how many years I won’t say). πŸ™‚ Really great to meet you at the Blog Brunch recently. Thanks for passing my info along to Sanaa at Cucumberland btw. I’ll be participating in that fun “yummy on the inside” project. Hope to bump into you again soon!

    • brittany says:

      It was nice to meet you, too! I’m really looking forward to the project – should be a lot of fun!

  2. Mom says:

    Sam certainly upheld his role as hand model! Nice job Sam!

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