Portable ice maker for fast ice making

If you are someone who loves throwing parties, then it is important that you ice maker. This amazing home machine will save you the headache of buying a lot of ice bags and will rapidly and easily provide you with the needed amount of ice.

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They are very user-friendly, all you need to do is pour in the water and the machine will make the ice for you. After which you can offer your guests cool and fresh drinks. They are typically compact which means they require less counter space and can also be stored quite easily.

  1. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop :Popular among buyers

The HomeLab portable ice maker is one of the top recommended ice makers. This powerful appliance can produce up to 26lbs of ice in just one day. The machine is able to make small to medium bullet-shaped ice cubes that takes between 6-8 minutes to be ready.

The small cubes come in cylinder-shape and are smooth, making them fit easily in bottle openings. The medium cubes are apt for mixed drinks and cocktails. The compact size makes it the ideal appliance for most kitchens, regardless it size. It features a quiet compressor which does not require much energy to cool.

Aside from its compact size, it also has a smart design that comes with a water tank below the basket which is responsible for recycling an unused ice and converted into water.

Also, there is warning light and automatic shut-off feature which comes on when the basket is full or when it is necessary to add more water. It is not only apt for parties, but due to its lightweight nature it can be taken on trips.


  1. Portable ice making power:

With its 2.2-liter water reservoir, the ice maker is able to make quality bullet ice that are up to 1.5lbs at one time or up to 26lbs in  a day. These ice cubes measure 9.5×12.9×14″, this is an ideal size for ice anywhere, anytime.

  1. Fast:

You are able to make bullet shape ice in small and medium-sized options in just between 6-8minutes. ice cube bullets are shaped like cylinders and they have a smooth exterior which makes them fit easily in water bottle top caps. The medium sized ice bullets are apt different drinks.

  1. Quiet and energy efficient:

The ice maker features a compressor which does not take much energy for cooling. This makes it a very energy efficient appliance for your bar and/or countertop.

  1. Smart design:

There is a water reservoir which sits just beneath the basket for ice and helps to reuse water produced from melted ice for making the ice again from it. The automatic shut off function and warming lights come on when all ice is made or water tank gets empty

  1. Accessories:

The machine comes with a basket and ice scoop. This means that you don’t have to install anything. All you have to do is fill the reservoir with water, plug it in, and then wait for the machine to make your ice. It’s working button are easy to use along with detachable ice cube basket


  1. It is energy-efficient
  2. It has a compact and quiet design
  3. It can be cleaned quite easily
  4. It can make ice quickly and easily


  1. Some users consider it heavyweight

  1. Frigidaire EFIC101- Portable Compact ice Maker

The Frigidaire EFIC101 is an amazing countertop ice maker which features everything you possibly would need. It has a small footprint, fashioned in a way that it is stylish to display and very convenient to move around. Its compact and portable design makes it the ideal solution for creating ice cubes anywhere, anything.

It is available in multiple colors and has a finish which blends nicely with the decor of just about any home. It has a production capacity of 26lbs per 24hours in either the small or medium ice size options. It is very user-friendly, allowing you to get the party started in just six minutes with just a push of a button. You don’t have to drain the melted ice as it is designed to go back to the reservoir.

It features a compressor cooking system and is able to operate at low noise. For a more dependable consistent ice production, the machine features an easy-to-read LED control panel with built-in clock/timer and smart alarms. This keeps you informed about the status of your ice making process and also allows you to layout a producing session in advance.


  1. Dependable performance:

It has a production capacity of up to 26lbs per 24 hours in both small and medium size options. It is easy to operate as well as fast when it comes to ice production, able to produce ice in just about six minutes.

  1. Health conscious:

It uses a compressor cooling system which does not depend on any chemical refrigerant. This helps protect you from ingesting any harmful chemicals which may come with health-associated risks. What you are certain to get is pure uncontaminated ice.

  1. LED control panel:

It features an easy-to-read LED control panel that has a built-in smart alarm and timer. This allows you to select between two ice size settings and keep you informed about the status of your ice making process.

  1. Large see-through window:

This eliminates the need to guess and takes out any surprises. Now you can keep track of the ice making process without having to open the lid.

  1. Easy to use:

It requires no installation. All you need to do is plug in the unit, add water, and give the machine 15 minutes to do it thing.


  1. It features LED indicators which notify users of when the bin is full or when reservoir is empty
  2. It comes in 2 ice size settings; small and medium
  3. It features an exterior drain
  4. Melted ice can be used to make new ice cubes
  5. It has a lightweight design
  6. It features a stylish and compact design
  7. It is easy to transport


  1. It is pretty noisy
  2. The water in reservoir melts pretty quickly

  1. Village store 26lb Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

The Ice Maker is another strong contender when it comes to best portable ice makers. It is able to produce 9 ice cubes in about 10 minutes and 26lbs of ice in a day. It comes with a powerful but quiet compressor which is able to provide it with a better and more effective operation. It produces bullet-shaped cubes and users have the option of choosing their sizes between small, medium, or large.

The appliance comes with a smart design which includes an LCD control panel which is operated using four 4 buttons. The panel allow users to set the mode, turn the machine on or off, and determine the size of the cubes. It also has a unique standby mode which automatically stops the basket once it is full. This would also happen when there is no water in the tank, notifying users of when to pour in more water.

One of the most unique features of the ice maker is its self-clean feature which helps prevent the formation of deposits by hard water and minerals, which would have led to unhealthy and bad smelling ice cubes. The self-clean feature saves you the need of using sponge, rather all you have to do is add some vinegar and press a couple of buttons.

The appliance is ETL certified which gives users more safety and it comes with two years warranty, offering greater confidence.


  1. Compact:

One benefit of the countertop ice maker is its compactness. This makes it apt for people who regularly entertain yet does not wish to fuss with inconvenient ice trays or big melting bags. The countertop ice maker is portable and does not require any special knowledge for installation.

  1. Efficient:

It is able to produce 9-piece batches of ice cubes within 6-10minutes, which is a good deal considering it price. It is able to make around 26lbs of ice in 24hours and able to store 1.8lbs at the same time.

  1. User-friendly:

When it comes to user-friendliness the machine is easy to fill and drain and can be used almost immediately you buy it. It features a control panel which is helpful for monitoring the activity and controlling the machine. It also has a transparent viewing window for monitoring the happenings within the machine.

  1. Self-clean:

In areas where hard water is prevalent, minerals usually stick to interiors of the ice maker during the ice making cycle, resulting in hard, scaly deposits that would give stinky and impure ice cubes. The self-clean feature takes away the headache that comes with hard water deposits. So you no longer need sponge or rag, rather all you need do is add some vinegar and water, and then click a few buttons.

  1. Ice cube options:

It offers three ice size options. It produces bullet-shaped ice which does not easily melt or stick together and is excellent for chilling drinks or small water bottle openings.


  1. It features a multifunctional design
  2. It has a unique self-cleaning feature
  3. It has a timer function
  4. It is easy to use and maintain


  1. Some users complain that it is sometimes too noisy

  1. Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Machine

If you are in search of a modern and stylish portable ice maker, then the Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker machine may be the best choice. The beautiful machine comes with a transparent window, allowing you to check the level of your ice and monitor the processing. It also features a LED indicator which notifies users of when the water level in the reservoir is extremely low. Alternatively, you will also be alerted when the bucket is full so you can get off the cubes.

It generates as little noise as possible and its advanced refrigeration system will certainly offer you the desired results. It also has a compressor for cooling effects. The performance is impressive, producing 26lbs within 8 minutes per single cube. It has an easy to use control panel and also has an ice scoop and removable bucket. It is easy to clean and maintain.


  1. Stylish and modern design:

It comes with a see-through window which allows users to monitor the ice making process and check the ice level. There is also a light indicator which notifies users of when to add more water when water levels fall or to remove all the ice cubes for a new ice making cycle when ice bucket is full.

  1. Little noise:

It comes fitted with the most advanced refrigeration technology, this includes a quiet compressor which handles cooling so you can enjoy a fresh batch of ice without enduring so much noise.

  1. Saves time and large productivity:

It has an impressive production quality and performance. It is able to generate 26lbs of ice each day, taking you an average of 8minutes for every single ice making cycle.

  1. Simple to use:

It is very user-friendly as it does not require any permanent installation. It is compact, easy to transport and very easy to clean. It can be taken out on your RV, backyard, boat etc.

  1. Free ice scoop and basket:

Aside from a straightforward control panel, it also comes with a removable basket and an extra scoop which offers buyers a one-year warranty.


  1. It comes with a see-through lid
  2. It work quietly
  3. It comes with a cooling compressor
  4. It features an advanced refrigeration technology
  5. It is a high performing ice maker


  1. It is more expensive than most other ice makers

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  1. freezimer Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine

The freezimer Portable countertop ice cube maker allows you to get ice cubes anywhere at any time. It is able to make up to 9 ice cubes within 6-8 minutes. It comes with a capacity of delivering 1.1lbs of ice cubes per hour. To kick start the ice making process, all you need do is press the ON button and then choose the preferred ice cube size from the control panel. In just a few minutes fresh ice cubes will be produced.

The type of cubes produced are those with rounded shape and hollow middle. This allows the ice to float over the drinks.

It features a self-cleaning function which makes it easy to clean the ice maker. All you need do is pour in some water and select the self-clean function. The maker is ETL and FDA certified. It has a 1.54lbs removable ice basket and a plastic scoop.

It features warning indicators and automatic shutoff function which is activated when ice basket is full or when the time comes to refill the tank.


  1. Quick Make:

The machine is able to make 9 bullet ice within 6-8minutes and up to 1.1lbs of ice cube per hour. One advantage round ice has over its square alternative is that it does not hurt the mouth. The ice created also has a hollow shape which makes the ice to float on drink.

  1. Automatic smart design:

It comes with a Smart design which requires just a few steps to use. All users need to do is add water, press the power button, choose the ice cube size, and then wait 6-8minutes for ice to form. It is simple to understand and comes with LED lights. It also has warning lights and automatic shut off function.

  1. Safe and energy efficient:

It is ETL and FDA certified and comes with a 2.2lbs removable ice bucket.

  1. Smart clean function:

It is common for mineral deposit to stick to the interior of the machine during the ice making cycle in areas with hard water. This would lead to unpleasant hard and scaly deposits in the ice maker. The implication of this is that you will have ice cubes that are stinky and impure. This self-cleaning function means that cleaning ice makers would no longer be a mess. All you need do is add some water and press a few buttons.

  1. Warranty:

Aside from being approved by ETL, the ice maker also comes with 1 year warranty and a 30-day return policy.


  1. It is energy efficient
  2. It is able to produce ice very quickly
  3. It is easy to clean and maintain
  4. It has a portable design


  1. It is a bit expensive for some

  1. Luma Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Within 6-13 minutes you will be able to make ice cubes using the luma. This makes it perfect for parties as you won’t waste time in between preparing cool drinks for your guests. It is able to prepare 9 cubes per cycle weighing either 0.25 or 0.32 ounces depending on the size your choose.

Overall, it is able to produce 26.5lbs of ice each day. It has a 2.2liters water tank capacity, which eliminates the need for regular manual replenishing. Guess work is taken out of the equation as the LED indicator lights notifies you when the tank is empty or when the ice basket is full.

It is quite portable, as it weighs just 23.1lbs. This way, you won’t expand much effort when carrying it to events or any scenario that requires it to be moved around. It has a measurement of 9.5×14.1×12.9 inches. This means it won’t take up so much space, making it excellent for boat trips, camping vacations, and parties.

It has a stainless steel exterior which adds durability to the machine and ensures it doesn’t get stained so easily. It comes in four different colors; copper, black, red, and stainless steel. The soft touch controls ensures ease of use and it has a design which ensures that unused water returns to the reservoir.


  1. Quick and perfect ice:

It is able to make 26lbs of small or large bullet shaped ice cubes per day. This means 9 ice in as little as 6 minutes. It comes with an ice cube basket of 1.5lbs capacity.

  1. Portable and compact ice maker:

It comes in a unique size of 8.8×12.3×12.6 inches. It weighs 17.6lbs. This makes it easy to move around, and perfect for camping vacations, RVs, home parties, and boat trips. many people call this the best portable ice maker for camping and rv trips.

  1. Smart indicator:

It comes with a LCD display digital panel that has warning lights which notifies you when the ice basket is full and when there is a need to add more water. It also has a large window which provides a clear view of the ice-making process.

  1. Energy saving and less noise:

It features a design which allows unused ice to melt back into the reservoir and be recycled into fresh water.

  1. 2-year warranty:

luma ice maker comes with a two-year warranty and a 30-day return policy.


  1. The ice cubes come in two sizes; 0.25ounce and 0.32 ounce.
  2. The machine measures 9.5″x14.1″x12.9″ and weighs just 17.2lbs
  3. It features a commercial grade stainless build which ensures it durability
  4. It has LED indicator light which notifies you of when basket is full or more water is needed
  5. It is backed by a 2-year warranty


  1. It only notifies when basket is full, it is able to shut off automatically

  1. Deco Gear Rapid Electric Party Ice Maker

The compact and portable nature of this ice maker makes it perfect for boat, small kitchen, or RV. Basically, you can use it anywhere there is an outlet. It is attractive and will meet all of your ice making needs without the need of installation. All you need do is plug in the unit, add water, and then you are ready to start enjoying a batch of ice in as little as 6 minutes. It is able to make up to 26lbs of bullet ice cubes in one day. This way you wouldn’t have to deal with ice trays ever again.

It comes with a well-insulated and integrated storage bin that can hold 1.5lbs of ice at one time. The ice maker is user-friendly, all you need do is turn on the unit and choose your desired ice size. In order to check the ice making process there is a large viewing window located on the lid. There is an alert indicator which notifies users when reservoir runs low or tray has reached maximum capacity.


  1. Design:

It comes with a sleek performance-oriented design. It is compact, convenient, and works incredibly fast. This portable ice maker is able to make ice cubes in as little as six minutes.

  1. Cube size and capacity:

The ice maker is able to make 26lbs of bullet ice cubes in 24hours. It has a well-insulated and integrated storage bin that is able to hold 1.5lbs of ice at one time.

  1. LCD control panel:

Whether you want to turn the ice maker on/off or you wish to choose your ice size, this can easily be done via the ease-to-use control panel.

  1. Perfect for occasions:

It is able to work anywhere, once there is an outlet available. This makes it perfect for boat, small kitchen, or RV.


  1. It is easy to use
  2. It makes ice cubes as quickly as possible
  3. The noise level is very low
  4. It is sleek looking


  1. Some users complain that ice is not frozen solid

8. TRUSTECH Ice Maker

The TRUSTECH ice maker is able to make your life fulfilled with enjoyment, convenience, and tons of bullet shaped ice cubes. This ice maker is one of the most environmentally conscious ice makers available. It focuses not only on giving customers great quality but on protecting the environment.

It offers bullet-shaped ice cubes which come in two sizes; small ice bullet for drinks in bottles and large ice for different drinks. It has a stainless steel body which accounts for its durability and ease of cleaning. It is also easy to use. All you have to do is plug in the unit, add water, set the desired size, and then wait for the machine to do its work.


  1. Fast:

Perhaps you require an ice-cold drink but you have no ice, you do not go to the store. Trustech maker is very efficient, able to make 9 chewable, delicious, bullet shaped ice one cycle at an average time of 6 minutes. It has a tank storage volume of 71oz and an ice storage capacity of 1.5lbs.

  1. Available options:

it can product 2 sizes cubes. Users are able to choose between large and small depending on their preference, simply by making their selection on the LED control panel. The small ice bullets are able to fit easily in bottle openings but large bullets are apt for mixed drinks and iced foods.

  1. Super quiet and energy efficient:

It comes with a compressor that is super powerful and efficient. This way you won’t have to be bothered by too much noise. It is equally environmentally friendly and energy-efficient ice maker. Once bucket is full the machine automatically stops and switches to standby mode. Any ice that is left unused will be melt into the reservoir and recycled.

  1. LED display and intelligent features:

The ice maker is extremely easy to use with no installation required. All that is needed is for you to plug it in, add water, and then await the creation of fresh ice cubes. You will be duly notified of the process via the high-quality LED display. It will inform you of when it needs to refilled or when ice bucket is full. There is also the timing function that allows you to set how much time you want the machine to work.

  1. Removable ice bucket and 1 year warranty:

It features a removable ice bucket which is excellent for those who wish to make good quantity of ice. You could simply just transfer ice bucket wherever it is needed. There is also an ice scoop with it which allow you to easily fill all glasses with ice cubes. It offers a one-year customer warranty.


  1. It comes with a removable ice bucket
  2. It has a clear LED display
  3. It is easy to operate
  4. It offers two sizes of ice cubes
  5. It is environmentally friendly
  6. It is lightweight and easy to use


  1. Ice not always frozen solid

  1. COSTWAY Ice Maker Machine

The COSTWAY ice maker machine is a commercial ice maker made of plastic and colorless stainless steel. It comes with a high-end operation panel which makes it easy to operate. The board has adjustment buttons and status light indicators. It has a high efficient compressor which is able to produce ice at lower noise, less power consumption, and rapid cooling. It is able to make 48lbs of ice cubes each day.

When the ice basket is full or the machine runs out of water, the ice maker will shut down automatically. If you are not comfortable with the thickness of the ice cube you could simply adjust it via the button on the ice maker touch panel. It is compact, portable, and comes in a neat finish, making it excellent for anywhere there is an outlet.


  1. Efficient ice making:

Costway ice maker is built with high efficient compressor that is able to cool rapidly and make up to 48lbs of ice in 24hrs.

  1. Compact and portable:

The ice maker is compact and portable and comes in beautiful finish. This makes this mini portable ice maker ideal to work anywhere there is an available outlet.

  1. Adjustable ice thickness:

It comes with a feature which allows users to adjust ice thickness by clicking on a button on the touch panel.

  1. Shutdown automatically:

The machine is designed in a way that it shuts down automatically if the ice bin is full of ice or when it runs out of water.

  1. Easy to operate:

It comes with a high-end and practical control panel that features status indication lights and adjustment buttons. This allow users to decide on the ice shape of their choice.


  1. It has low power consumption
  2. It is compact and portable
  3. It is easy operate
  4. It is time and money saving
  5. It has good heat dissipation
  6. It prevents the breeding of bacteria
  7. It has a fully automatic and trouble-free operation


  1. It does not come with a warranty
  2. Some users say they would have preferred a faster operation

  1. Gevi Portable Electric Clear Ice Maker Machine

The Portable electric ice maker is built with a powerful and very efficient compressor. It has the capacity to make up to 48lbs of ice cubes each day. The ice cubes it produces are denser and tougher than those produced by most other ice makers, this helps it not to melt quickly. Users are able to select between three different ice cubes size; small, medium, and large.

It has a compact design and glossy stainless body, which makes it a fit regardless of your kitchen decor and size. All you need is a small space on your countertop to house your gevi ice maker. It features a large viewing window via which you can monitor the ice making process and check ice level.

The gevi ice maker produces high quality ice cubes which are crystal clear and show no indication of cloudiness. The ice maker has a simple to use LED control panel that is equipped with indicators and would give you an overview of what is happening inside the machine at any given time.


  1. Superior clear quality ice:

The gevi ice maker produces clear, denser, and harder ice cubes which melts slower than other types of ice and is able to chill out in beverage without necessarily changing the taste and quality. It comes with a 2.2L water tank that provides continuous ice cubes. The LED control panel makes the machine easily manageable.

  1. Portable, easy, and safe:

It has a compact design which ensures high durability and a stylish stainless steel design which gives it a good look. It is apt for parties, picnics, and road trips. It has the approval of the FDA and it is ETL certified.

  1. High storage bin capacity:

With this ice maker you can enjoy solid ice cubes within fifteen minutes with a total of 48lbs of ice per day. It comes with a storage bin capacity of 2.4lbs of ice cubes at a given time. With a minor adjustment of cooling time you will be able to choose between the different sizes of ice cubes.


  1. It is portable and compact
  2. It is easy to use and safe
  3. It has a high storage capacity
  4. It works relatively quietly
  5. It is FDA approved and ETL certified
  6. It gives the best quality clear ice


  1. Ice cubes come in blocks
  2. It is very expensive
  3. Users complain that ice bin and ice scoops are flimsy
  4. It is slower when compared to bullet shaped ice makers

FAQ When Buying Portable Ice Maker

  1. How do you clean an ice maker machine?

Typically, ice makers require low maintenance. Mostly, giving it a quick clean is all about what is necessary to keep it in a clean shape. Although every brand have their specific cleaning guidelines, generally these are the steps to clean your ice maker;

  • – Switch off and unplug your machine
  • – Remove whatever ice is left and drain all the water from the tank
  • – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and dissemble the machine, washing it separately in warm soapy water
  • – Reassemble.
  • – Fill the tank with a mixture of water and vinegar and then make ice cubes with this mixture until the supply runs out
  • – Allow your machine to dry and then it is ready to be used again.
  1. Does it keep ice frozen for long?

No, it is not a portable freezer. Although it is insulated and able to keep the ice frozen for a while, the ice will start to melt immediately it touches the tray.

  1. Does an ice maker require a drain line?

No, rather the machine operates on a continuous cycle. After an ice cube is made it falls into a tray. Any unused ice will melt back into the tank where it is again remade into ice cubes.

  1. Does the type of water I put into the machine matter?

As long as the water is suitable for drinking, then it is fine. It is however important that you avoid hard water as much as possible. This can cause a buildup of mineral deposits in the machine which may ultimately slow it down.

  1. How many minutes does it take to produce a batch of ice?

Although the production capacity varies from one machine to another, but generally it takes between 7-15 minutes. Factors such as age of machine and the type of water put into the machine will also influence the production time.

  1. is there a difference between ice capacity and ice storage?

Yes, there is. Ice capacity refers to the amount of ice that an ice maker can make in a day while ice storage refers to the amount of ice your machine is able to hold ready to serve.

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Buying Guide: What To Bear In Mind When Buying ice Makers

If you are wondering How do I choose a portable ice maker? that works for my needs and comes in my budget then read the following points given below as it would help you make the right choice.

  1. Price:

Price is one of the most important considerations for most people. Small basic portable ice makers can go for around $100 while higher capacity and more efficient makers could go as high as $300. It is important to check prices across different stores as prices tend to vary from one store to the other.

  1. Size:

This is another important consideration. Before you buy your ice maker it is important to decide where you plan to use it. Take precise measurement and decide on the maximum size you can afford to keep. In a lot of cases people buy ice makers which they discover is too large for their intended space.

Aside from finding a space where your ice maker fits, it is important that you give it enough breathing room. The rule is that you allow a minimum of one inch clearance on all sides of your countertop ice maker to allow for proper oxygen circulation so that it becomes your choice of best portable ice maker that keeps ice frozen.

  1. Ice production: Intended pounds per day:

How much ice do you intend to produce per day? Are you buying the ice maker for yourself or do you intend to serve an entire party with it? When it comes to ice production ice makers are very diverse. There are ice makers that would make enough ice just for one glass and there are others, quite expensive, which can churn out mountain of ice in minutes. It all depends on what you intend to use it for.

Also, how fast does the machine produce ice and how much ice in total can it produce in a day? It is advisable that the smallest ice maker you should opt for is one that produces 20lbs of ice in a day. Speed is equally important. A safe speed will be one batch every six minutes. Anything as high as 10minutes is probably too slow.

  1. Style:

In order to be a proper fit for most kitchens, many ice makers come in stainless steel design. You may also find them in white, silver, black, or even red. Choosing a color shouldn’t be much of a challenge. These machines also come in two basic styles; boxy or smooth. While the boxy ones are designed to be placed under cabinets and in their groves, smooth ice makers are meant for countertops.

  1. Simplicity:

As a rule an ice maker shouldn’t be complex or confusing. The most important options that should come with your machine include; timer, on/off button, ice size button. It should also be easy to clean. If cleaning the machine and its accessories present a challenge then you may end up being stuck with dirty ice. It should also be easy to install.

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Benefits Of Buying A Portable Ice Making Machine

  1. They are portability:

All you need is an outlet to plug it in. These portable appliances can be used virtually anywhere and do not take so much space. The small portable ice maker machines are apt for parties, road trips, family gatherings etc.

  1. They are fast:

On average, a portable ice maker is able to produce ice in as little as 10minutes. This means you don’t have to wait for your ice tray to freeze nor do you have to try to figure how to fit them in your freezer the night before a big party. You can simply turn on your ice maker, pour in water, and allow it do its thing in minutes.

  1. They do not require draining or water line:

When it comes to portable ice makers, you don’t have to fret about draining at all. These machines make use of excess water from melted cubes. They recycle this water to make more ice, removing the need to have a drain. You also won’t need to install a water line. It’s a simple plug and play appliance.

  1. They make and store a lot of ice:

Despite their small size, these ice makers are able to produce a large amount of ice each day. An average ice maker is able to produce between 26 and 35lbs of ice in one day. Although they may not be able to store all of these at once, they can hold in store between 2 and 3lbs of ice at a given time.

5.They are easy to make:

Portable ice makers are extremely user-friendly. All you need to do is pour your water into the tank, turn on the machine, and return in a couple of minutes to beautifully frozen ice. And perhaps you forgot to empty the ice, you don’t have to worry as this would be melted and recycled.

  1. They are able to make a variety of ice cubes:

It is the assumption of most people that you would have to sacrifice variety when it comes to portable ice makers. But this isn’t so. Although most units produce bullet shaped ice, they are others that are able to make clear, restaurant quality ice. Most units would also allow you to determine the size of your ice cubes. read more about ice cube makers


These are the best ten portable ice makers in the market today on sale with a discount when you buy from above amazon links and each one of them offers tremendous benefits and help you make ice without ice tray. They typically do not require installation, all you need do is fix them on your counter and then you are ready to go.

Most of them come in sleek and stylish designs which blend effortlessly with any kitchen decor. Make your choice from any of these quality ice makers in 2022 and you would never run out of ice in your home, office, camp, or at your party.

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