Pressure Cooker Reviews with indepth insight

Although pressure cookers have been around for a while, the thought of using one still does not appeal to most people. This is mostly because of childhood memories of screeching pressure cooker which is usually followed by an explosion sending your evening food splattering all over the walls and ceiling of the kitchen.

Modern cookers have taken the risk out of pressure cooking. They do not produce those high-pitched screeching noises and they come with safety features which prevent the buildup of excess pressure in the cooker.

here comes a brief list of top quality Electric Hot Pot and pressure cookers to buy now and beyond for easy cooking of delicious recipes at your home with these pressure cooker on sale.

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Also, they locking lid handles which would only open after the pressure is released. Modern pressure cookers are a big improvement to those used in the olden days and there are an excellent addition to any 21st-century kitchen. Below is a review of 10 of the best pressure cookers in the market;

  1. Power Pressure Cooker XL 10 Qt:

With the Power Pressure Cooker XL, you are able to prepare perfectly cooked, mouthwatering meals with just a push of a button. It is 70% faster than your conventional oven. The secret to its uniqueness is its airtight lid, which is able to lock into place, trapping super-heated steam inside.

This hyper-pressurized environment is able to force liquid and moisture into your food, thereby locking in abundant flavor and essential nutrients. It uses the One-Touch technology, this simply means that all you have to do is press one of the pre-set buttons and your favorite dish would be prepared to perfection.


  1. Power Cooking:

The Power Pressure Cooker is able to lock in valuable nutrients and vitamins. It is able to infuse seafood and meat with aromatic flavor without adding fat and would make vegetable crisp, preserving its fiber.

  1. Flavor:

The Power Pressure Cooker XL is able to cook food 10 times faster than most other pressure cookers. This helps to save time and energy, plus it is economical as it can cook cheaper cuts of meat to perfection.

  1. Air-tight:

It comes with an air-tight lid which locks into place and is able to trap super heated steam inside. The hyper-pressurized environment is able to force liquid and moisture into the food, locking in flavor and essential nutrients.

  1. One-Touch:

The Power Pressure Cooker XL allows you to cook your favorite homemade meals with just a push of a button. Your meals are ready in just a fraction of the time and what’s more, there is no clean-up afterward.

  1. Easy:

It has a removable inner pot that is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.


  1. It comes in three different sizes
  2. Users can cook their meals with just a press of a button using the seven available preset
  3. You can saute using any of the preset so long the lid is on
  4. It is possible to cook at both high and low pressure


  1. It does not have a setting for yogurt
  2. The cookpot nonstick coating can come off easily, even when it is only hand-washed
  3. Odors tend to stay longer in the gasket long after use and cleaning


  1. Gowise Electric Pressure Cooker 8Qt – 12-in-1 Multi-Cooker

Although it may not be as popular as the Ninja DUO or the Instant Cooker, yet it remains one of the favorites among reviewers online. The design is one of the reasons for its huge popularity. It comes in a super sleek black body with big blue windows.

All the necessary accessories come with the cooker while the manual has all the necessary information that new users would need. By following the steps you won’t encounter any problems. Cleaning is also a breeze, as it smooth shape makes it easy to reach virtually all areas of the pot. With the gowise in your kitchen, you can comfortably toss your stove.


  1. Multi-cooker:

It is versatile, offering a 10-in-1 smart program to fulfill most of your cooking needs. Some of these programs include; pressure cooker, baking cakes, making yogurt, rice cooker, pasteurizing, egg cooker, etc.

  1. Simple to use:

It comes with one of the largest LCD panels in the industry (4.5 inches), complete with visual symbol and one-knob which assist to easily prepare tasty meals even in visually impaired or low-light conditions, unlike cookers that have buttons-only control panels that cannot be easily used in low light situations.

  1. Custom cooking:

Compared to most other cookers in the market, the gowise Electric Cooker offers users the flexibility to manually input cooking times and set varying pressure levels as they may desire.

  1. FDA Certified and UL Certified:

Every component that has contact with food are food grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel, this includes the food basket and the steamer basket.

  1. Steamer basket:

It comes with a steamer basket which allows users to be able to cook two meals at the same time.

  1. Safe Simpot:

It comes with an Extra-wide Release Handle that helps users to keep their hands away from hot steam for added safety. It also has a bright red light which helps to notify users of when pressure is reached.

  1. Recipe, manual, and guide book:

The device comes with a user-friendly manual, recipe, and reference guide. Healthy meals are updated on the manufacturer’s website.


  1. It comes with a beautiful shape
  2. Manual is very detailed
  3. It is very simple to use
  4. It comes with ten intelligent programs
  5. It can be used for steaming as well as washing vegetables


  1. It does not have a warm option
  2. Users have complained that the controls are difficult


  1. Yedi 9-in-1 Instant Programmable Pressure Cooker

The Yedi-Houseware 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker comes with tremendous advantages, chief of which is saving time and energy, as well as preserving nutrients and eliminating dangerous microorganism from food. It is tremendously easy to start using, you won’t have to worry about buying any extra accessories, it comes with all that is needed for perfect functioning.


  1. 9-in-1: The cooker is able to cook meals in less time than you are accustomed to. It is a 9-in-1 cooker, with the function of a pressure cooker, make cake, make yogurt, cook rice, pasteurize, and warm, all in one appliance.
  2. 15 instant touch microprocessor programs: It comes with 15 different cooking programs, some of these include; Multigrain, Egg, Porridge, Sauté/Sear, Cake, Rice, Poultry, Meat/Stew
  3. 2 dishes in 1: It comes with a stainless steel steamer basket which helps you to cook two dishes at once. The inner cooking pot is equally stainless steel.
  4. Custom cooking: It gives you the flexibility of manually inputing your cooking time and set different pressure levels according to your desire
  5. FDA Certified and UL Certified: All the components that are in contact with food are food grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel, this includes the lid, inner pot, steam basket, and egg racks
  6. Deluxe accessory kit: The cooker comes with a tempered glass lid, which is excellent for slow cooking and sauteing. It also comes with ladle, cooking mitts, rice paddle, stainless steel steaming basket, measuring cup, and stainless steel inner cooking pot
  7. Recipe book: The cooker equally comes with a Recipe book, Cheat Sheets, and Cooking Time Tables. Also, the Yedi Houseware Appliances website and mobile app equally have recipes and content which are uploaded weekly.


  1. It comes with a detachable power cord which assists for easy storage
  2. It is easy and fun to operate
  3. It comes with enough safety features
  4. It has nice, looking controls
  5. It comes in stainless steel which would be a match for any decor


  1. The software platforms come with errors, omissions, or typos
  2. It does not come with a manual

  1. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

The Mealty MultiPot 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker is regarded as one of the best electric pressure cookers in the market, this is due to its very impressive price-performance ratio. The pressure cooker allows users to be able to perform a variety of tasks including, baking cakes, pasteurizing, cook rice, slow cook, steam, make yogurt, and pre-cook foods. The cooker comes with a stainless steel basket that allows users to make two dishes at the same time. Its 14-programs ensures that it is user-friendly, making life in the kitchen easier when you are preparing your meals.

Another important thing to note about the cooker is its mobile app. After you sign up to the official Mealty website, you will be able to follow cooking guides and recipes. Aside from this, you will also receive a 1-year warranty on the product after you sign up.


  1. Customizable presets:

It comes with a customizable presets which is able to remember your last selection. This way, it is tremendously easier for you to cook particularly if you are cooking the same type of food as the last time.

  1. LCD Panel:

It features an intuitive LCD panel which has inbuilt icons and a progress indicator. This helps to take the guesswork out of cooking and what’s more interesting is that the icons do not have confusing symbols.

  1. Cheat sheet and recipe:

The pressure cooker comes with valuable additions which include cheat sheet and quick reference guide which can be placed on the fridge. Aside from this, you will also be provided with a full-color recipe booklet that contains multiple easy meals that you can prepare.

  1. Mobile app:

After buying the cooker, you will have the opportunity to log in to the official manufacturer’s website and download an app specialized to this cooking. You will also be granted access to more recipes and cooking guides.

  1. Steamer basket:

The cooker comes with a stainless steel steamer basket. The steamer basket gives you the opportunity to make two dishes at the same time plus a 4cm raised trivet which also comes with the cooker keeps your food out of the liquid.

  1. 14 cooking programs:

It features 14 cooking programs including; pressure cook, slow cook, keep warm, soup, saute/simmer, porridge, cake, multigrain, and rice.


  1. It is fairly easy to use
  2. It comes with a mobile app which allows you to control some of the functions remotely. The app also contains instructions on how to use the cooker and how to make a variety of recipes
  3. You will get plenty of additions with your pressure cooker
  4. The stainless steel steamer basket allows you to make separate dishes at the same time
  5. The product comes with a one-year warranty as long as you register on the manufacturer’s website


  1. It does not come with a glass lid
  2. It does not have a nonstick interior
  3. It tends to scratch pretty easily

  1. Mueller Instant Crock 10-in-1 Pot cooker Pro 6Q

The Mueller 10-in-1 Pro Series 19 programs is built with very high-quality materials that help it to last the test of time. It comes with rubber seals which are strong and heat-resistant, plus an internal pot which is able to stand the test of time. You are sure to enjoy cooking with this cooker as its 19 programs will enable you to cook various types of food.

The cooker is able to cook virtually anything, all you need to do is select the food that you intend to make and the cooker will do the rest of the job.

Its stainless steel rack allows you to cook two separate meals at the same time. It comes in a fully-sealed body which ensures that all the nutrients, flavor, and aroma of the food is locked in to guarantee best tasting meals at all time.


  1. German engineering to last:

Compared to most other models, the Mueller 10-in-1 Pro Series is built with quality rubber seals, reliable internal electronics, and strong heat resistant handles that is able to stand the test of time.

  1. 19 Smart programs:

Your favorite dishes are just a push of a button away, thanks to the cooker’s 19 smart programs; Canning, Beans, Soup, Meat, Poultry, Vegetable, Steam, Chili, Cake, Saute, Slow Cooking & Keeping Warm.

  1. Steamer rack:

It comes with a stainless steel rack which allows you to cook two dishes at one time, thereby saving you time along with your money

  1. Strong and healthy:

The interior coating is made of ceramic and plastic PTFE & PFOA which allows for evenly distributing heat. The fully closed environment helps to lock flavors, aromas, and nutrients in the food.

  1. Next-Generation Electronic Controls:

The cooker uses the latest technology, its microprocessors help to monitor pressure, temp, time keeping and adjust duration and heating intensity to achieve the most desirable result at every time.


  1. German engineered to last
  2. It comes with 19 smart programs
  3. It can cook two dishes simultaneously
  4. It uses next-generation electronic controls


  1. The recipe book tend to be confusing for some customers
  2. Some users have complained about the instruction manual being too hard to follow

  1. Chef iq Electric Pressure Cooker 6 Qt

Engineered and designed by world-class professional chefs in world, the chef IQ cooker is one of the most reliable smart electric pressure cookers there is. It has a panel that is packed with helpful and easy to use features. Its embedded microprocessor helps to monitor pressure and temperature while also keeping time and adjusting heat intensity.


  1. User-friendly:

The chef iq cooker was built to be entirely user-friendly. It comes equipped with a super-comprehensive and self-explanatory display touch panel. It comes with new and improved features and programs which helps to continually support users fast-paced lifestyles.

  1. 14-different modes:

It comes with 14 different modes which enable you to cook your meal in an instant, even if you don’t have any kitchen experience. Some of the mode includes; multigrain, poultry, meat/stew, soup/broth, boil, steam, warmer mode, rice cooker mode, yogurt maker mode, and slow cooker mode. It also has a manual mode which is designed for the more advanced users.

  1. Sterilize mode:

It is built with a sterilize mode which helps to pasteurize milk or sterilize baby bottles, utensils, or jars. You will also be able to carry out certain types of canning with more convenience than before.

  1. Delayed Start:

It comes with a delayed start program which allows you to cook food on a timer, this way, you can come home to a wholesome meal.

  1. Keep Warm:

Equally, it has a Keep Warm feature which ensures that you don’t worry your head about your food getting cold. The Keep Warm feature allows your food to stay warm for as long as 12 hours.

  1. Extra features:

There is an auto-release button which helps to release steam so as to prevent injury. Plus, a recipe book that has tons of recipes, including soups, main dishes, deserts, and starters. works with apps also


  1. The cooker is UL and ULC CERTIFIED, providing safety features that give peace of mind
  2. The stainless steel exterior is elegant and durable, which would stay clean and be a pleasure to use for years to come
  3. It has a 24 hours timer which permits delayed cooking
  4. It generates almost no noise


  1. Some users have complained about the Auto release button which tends to release during cooking without users pushing it

  1. T-fal P45009 Clipso Dishwasher Safe PTFE PFOA free cooker

The T-fal Clipso Pressure Cooker allows you to make delicious and healthy meals in nothing more than a fraction of the time. Unlike other standard cooking methods, the pressure cooker is able to reduce the cook time by as much as 70% without any loss of valuable flavor or nutrients.

Its roomy 6.3-quart capacity ensures that it is easy to make large batches, perhaps you are cooking for a crowd during the holidays or preparing make-ahead meals for the week. It comes in a durable stainless steel construction which ensures long-lasting performance and optimal cooking, with an encapsulated base which is able to distribute heat evenly and can be safely used on any cooktop.


  1. It is made of stainless steel
  2. It comes with a removable steam basket
  3. It features a one-hand open and close function
  4. It total weigh is approximately 7.7 pounds
  5. It has a capacity of 6.3 quart
  6. It has an adjustable steam release valve
  7. It measures 14.5x 11.4x 8.9 inches


  1. It is safe to use with any type of cook-tops, even induction cooktops
  2. It has a safety mechanism which won’t allow you to open the cooker when it is under pressure
  3. It helps to save cost and energy
  4. It is dishwasher safe, except for the safety steam vent and locking gasket
  5. It plastic handles are sturdy and easy to grab
  6. The user manual is detailed and easy to understand
  7. The device is easy to use, thanks to its one-handed opening and closing
  8. Users can easily release steam before opening pot
  9. It has a well-built and sturdy stainless steel construction
  10. Users can seal the lid without any special alignment


  1. It is smaller than most other models on the market
  2. It is heavier than other aluminum models because of its stainless steel construction

  1. Crock-Pot 8-Qt Multi-Use XL Express Pressure Cooker with Manual Pressure option

If you are searching for a programmable multi-cooker with the capacity to cook meals at a fraction of the time that traditional cooking requires, then the Crock-pot 8 Quart is the cooker of choice and called best 8 quart pressure cooker by many. It is a compact and versatile appliance which allows you serve nutritious, home-made meals for parties of up to 10 people or more, or perhaps just for families. It one-touch settings offer convenience in the preparation of different pressure-cooked meals.

You can decide to eat immediately or choose the slow cook setting which allows you to come back later to a hot and delicious meal. You also have the option to steam, saute, brown, boil, simmer, or perhaps use the manual pressure setting.


  1. Safe cooking:

The cooker features an airtight locking lid which stays locked while the pressure is high inside the unit. The lid will only open when the pressure has been released.

  1. Easy clean-up:

The nonstick cooking pot is dishwasher safe, allowing for easy clean-up.

  1. One-touch meals:

With only one-touch, you will be able to cook meat, chilis, stews, grains and more. You will also be able steam, simmer, brown, and saute.

  1. Manual pressure:

You are free to set any cooking time that you wish either at high or low pressure, allowing you to customize recipes

  1. Spacious:

The 8-quart size is able to feed as much as 10 plus people, therefore making it a time-saving appliance for large families or for parties.

  1. Nonstick:

It has a nonstick cooking pot which prevents food from sticking and is also a dishwasher. This helps to simplify your cleanup.

  1. Accessories:

Some of the accessories that come with the cooker include; recipe book, serving spoon, and steaming rack.


  1. It comes to pressure quickly
  2. It cooks silently with no hissing of steam or sputtering
  3. It features a nonstick cook pot
  4. Clean up is easy
  5. You are able to override automatic setting completely and rely on manual setting


  1. Some users have complained about the non-stick coating coming off as it is quite thin
  2. Users complain about constant error E6

  1. Tayama TMC-60XL 6 Qt 8 in 1 Multi-Function Pressure Cooker

The Tayama 8 in 1 Multi-function pressure cooker comes with a flavor infusion technology which is able to lock in flavors and nutrients for healthy and delicious cooking results. The cooker allows users to prepare their favorite slow-cooked recipes 70% faster than traditional cookware, all with just a push of a button.

The cooker is ideal for canning fruits vegetables and much more. It is able to work as a rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker, porridge maker, warmer, and for canning which makes it best pressure cooker for canning in many people’s eyes.


  1. Multifunction design:

The cooker comes in a stylish beautiful design which is able to replace many other products in the kitchen and do even more.

  1. Easy to use removable lid:

The lid can be removed and can easily be washed

  1. Steam tray:

The cooker comes with a steaming tray which can be used to separate meals or to steam vegetables. It can also be used to steam small legumes and delicate grains.

  1. Canning rack:

It can be used to raise your baskets, racks, or food off the bottom of the inner cooking pot

  1. 12 micro-processor controlled programs:

Some of these include; soup, bean/chili, meat/stew. porridge, keep warm, slow cook, poultry and much more.


  1. it is easy to use
  2. It comes with lots of features
  3. It has a nice design
  4. Clean up is easy


  1. The instructions in the manual could have been done better

  1. comfee 6 qt 12 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker

The multifunctional 12-in-1 kitchen gadget is a must-have appliance that offers functions including pressure cooker, food steamer, yogurt maker, toaster, thermal cooker, saute pan/fryer etc.


  1. Multi-functional:

This 8-in-1 kitchen appliance is a must-have for any 21st-century modern kitchen, it has functions including rice cooker, pressure cooker, food steamer, toaster, saute pan, warmer, yogurt maker, sterilization, and thermal cooker. All in one appliance.

  1. 16-smart programs:

The cooker comes with 16 built-in preset smart programs, which includes poultry, soup maker, saute, delayed start, pressure cook, etc.

  1. Strong and durable:

The cooker is built with aluminum inner pot and stainless steel colored housing which gives it longevity and even heat distribution.

  1. Safety and other features:

It comes with a preset time from 0-24 hours plus a timer from 0-10 hours. It has an LED screen and users can adjust the pressure from low, medium, and high.


  1. it is multi functional
  2. It comes with 16 smart programs
  3. It comes with safety features


  1. Some users find it bulky

Buying Guide: What to look out for when buying Pressure Cookers

When opting to buy a pressure cooker the most important quality to look out for high-quality and heavy gauge steel, regardless how great the features or other components of the cooker are, there will all be for nothing without quality materials. Below are some of the core features that you must look out for when buying a pressure cooker with deals;

  1. Stainless steel:

When buying a pressure cooker opt for one that is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is important to note that not all stainless steel is the same. Therefore, you must look check for label or bottom stamp which indicate 18/10 Stainless Steel, this simply means it is composed of 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel. The advantages of Chromium and Nickel is that it is stain and corrosion resistant, and it also shines.

  1. Accurate pressure indicator:

The accepted pressure standard for most pressure cooker recipe is 15psi. It is important that the cooker you select is able to reach this level. Also, choose a cooker which has an accurate indicator which will clearly reveal when this level is reached, this could be a colored marker or a pop-up indicator.

  1. Quick release:

Look for and choose a cooker that has a quick release option built into its pressure regulator. Modern pressure cookers use this mechanism to quickly lower the pressure inside the pot without losing heat. After the pressure has equalized the option to add other ingredients from the recipe would then be available, after which cooking will resume with a switch back to pressure cooking.

  1. Safety features:

Most modern pressure cookers come with safety features which are not available in pressure cookers of the past. If too much pressure builds up modern pressure cookers vent the excess steam through valve stem producing an audible hiss. If the pressure keeps building the sealing gasket will be pushed through a particular safety aperture in the lid to release some of the pressure.

  1. Size:

The size of pressure cooker that you should buy would depend on a couple of factors, this includes; the number of portions you will be preparing often, your budget, your storage, etc. But generally, it is advisable that you opt for a 6-quart pressure cooker at the minimum and a 7 or 8-quart model if you have the financial capacity. You should note that pressure cookers can only be filled to two-thirds full for most foods and just half for foods which froth or foam during cooking.

  1. Warranty and accessories:

Although an averagely good pressure cooker is expected to last several years, it is advisable that you consider the quality of the company and its readiness to stand behind its products. This would be revealed by how much warranty it is ready to offer. Also, choose a brand company where pressure cooker parts and accessories can be readily available from various pressure cooker brands in the market.

  1. Nonstick:

There is hot debate as to whether to choose nonstick pressure cookers or not. Those against it argue that the nonstick surface usually does not last and most importantly, they express concern regarding its safety. Wherever you belong, it is important that you carry out proper research and that you are comfortable with your decision.

Benefits of buying pressure cookers

  1. Food retains most of its nutrients and is tastier:

Foods cooked using pressure cooker offer more nutritional boost than those cooked using traditional cookware. This is basically because traditional cookware tend to take longer periods to cook meals than pressure cookers. The longer foods are cooked, the more nutrients are destroyed.

Pressure cookers use less liquid and cook foods faster. The liquid boils away leaving the food with most of its nutrients intact. Foods that are cooked in a lesser period of time are less likely to lose their color and flavor as well as minerals and vitamins which are usually diluted or evaporated when cooking for longer periods with plenty of water.

Pressure cookers are able to reduce cooking time by as much as 70% which is a better alternative than having the food stay so long on the stove boiling or steaming away natural taste and nutrients. Therefore, pressure cooking is able to enhance the natural flavors and richness of foods.

  1. Saves energy:

Cooking with a pressure cooker is far more energy-efficient than traditional cooking methods, as you don’t have to use multiple pots on separate burners. Pressure cookers are able to offer a one-pot cooking recipe. Considering the high cost of electricity, it is understandable and even expected that you opt for ways to reduce the size of monthly electricity bills.

  1. Saves time:

Most people live very busy lives and typically would not have so much time to wait for hours for food to be prepared. This is where pressure cookers come into the picture. These cookers are able to cook food 70% faster than traditional cooking methods, tremendously saving time. This makes it a handy tool to quickly get food on the table. unlike slow cookers, these pressure cookers are fast workers to get tasty food made without waiting for long, you can checkout difference between pressure cooker and slow cookers for more advantage of both cooker types.

There will always be days when you would arrive so late from work you may be too tired to cook but need to eat. On days like this the pressure cooker is the excellent instrument to prepare a tasty and nutritious meal in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is throw in the ingredients and your dinner will be ready even before you are done tidying your kitchen.

  1. Kitchen is cooler:

Most summers tend to get very warm and producing more heat in the kitchen would lead to great discomfort. Cooking with regular stovetop pots or pans tends to generate tremendous heat which builds up in the kitchen. A pressure cooker, by contrast, is able to retain heat and steam so that none of it escapes thereby heating your kitchen. By reducing the amount of heat and steam generated during cooking, you can achieve a cooker kitchen.

  1. Less cleaning is required:

Cooking with regular stovetop pans and pots usually leave residues on stovetop or control panel or even adjacent walls which would require cleaning after cooking is done. A pressure cooker, on the other hand, comes with a well-secured lid which is able to prevent spatters or splashes from leaving the cooking vessels. It would also prevent any boil over which may require cleanup after cooking is done. Therefore when cooking is complete, you will have only pot to wash.

  1. Pressure cookers can also be used for food preservation:

Large pressure cookers are also called canners. This is because they are able to generate pressure as large as 15psi which is needed to cook and can foods such as meat and fish. Although smaller models can also be used for preservation, they are only able to hold fewer jars. Therefore smaller models tend to be used mostly for everyday stovetop preparation.

You may also like to check out: instant pot for instant tasty meals

FAQ when buying a pressure cooker

  1. How do I prepare meat and poultry for pressure cooking?

The best way to proceed is by seasoning it before you put it into the cooker. To achieve maximum result, you can brown the meat by heating a small amount of olive oil in the cooker using a medium to high temperature. You should do this without placing a lid on the cooker.

  1. How do I prepare seafood for pressure cooking?

Firstly, thoroughly wash the seafood. Next, put it into the steam basket and add at least 3/5 cups of water or any cooking liquid you prefer. To prevent the fish from sticking to the basket you can add some vegetable oil on the steamer basket.

  1. How do I prepare dry beans and chicken peas?

To achieve the best result, soak the beans in water for between 4-6 hours without adding any salt. Next, drain the beans and transfer into the pressure cooker adding about 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil to the water that is added to inside the pressure cooker pot.

  1. How do I prepare rice and grains for pressure cooking?

To achieve a good result, soak wheat grain berries in warm water for around 4hrs and then cook it in your pressure cooker for rice. I hope this answers your question can pressure cooker cook rice that tastes great

  1. How do I prepare fruits for pressure cooking?

Just as it applies to vegetables, firstly you wash the fruits thoroughly and then place them in the steamer basket. If you are using fresh fruits then you can use a half cup of water and if you are cooking dried fruits then one cup of water will suffice.


When cooking with pressure cooker foods will be cooked in around a third of the time it would take traditional cooking methods, hence less energy is required and uses for pressure cookers have increased many folds.

Cooking with pressure cookers offers all the benefits you can think of plus the variety of available models will leave you with tremendous options. when working with pressure cookers you would be able to turn cheap foods into delicious top-rated restaurant meals.

Pressure cookers are excellent when it comes to cooking cheap ingredients and transforming them into wonderful meals. Pressure cookers also make it possible to cook your food, thereby preserving it and saving you money while using them in your kitchen.

Regardless of your taste, you will certainly find a cooker that suits your cooking style, it all depends on how well you do your homework before buying your best pressure cooker in the market and electric hot pots.

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