Rice cookers reviews by expert cook

An electrical rice cooker helps to automate the cooking process, granting you more time to attend to other tasks. All that you need to do is measure the rice, wash it properly, and put in the cooker with the required amount of water. The machine will do the rest.

The cooker does everything automatically and you can easily figure out how to use rice cookers. This means there is no need to stir or watch over the rice to prevent it from boiling over or burning. The rice cooker is excellent for those who cook rice regularly or those who wish to simplify cooking and make their kitchen ultimate cooking paradise.

If you are in a hurry to buy the best rice cooker for your daily needs at discounted rates then here are our top 10 choices of electric rice cookers with links given below. if you want to read detailed reviews along with selection guide before buying then scroll down further below.

Below are the reviews of ten of the best rice cookers you can buy with a discount from below given sources:

  1. Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

If you are looking for rice cooker and warmer that can cook your rice flawlessly, then you can rely on the Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer. It comes with a steaming basket which helps to make it steamer plus it has cake menu settings allowing for the baking of cakes. The Micom Rice Cooker is able to cook 20 cups of rice and features a variety of cooking functions which includes quick cooking, steam, cake, porridge, mixed rice, and white rice/sushi.

It comes with a black thick inner cooking pan which helps to offer even heating that facilitate better cooking. What’s even more interesting, is the interchangeable melody and beep signals which helps to indicate the end of any cooking cycle.


  1. Warranty:

The product comes with the backing of the manufacturer’s warranty. This means that if anything should go amiss, all you would need to do is to use the warranty to have your product serviced or replaced.

  1. Included accessories:

The rice cooker comes with accessories to assist your cooking, this includes a steamer dish, a spatula, a rice measuring cup, and a spatula holder.

  1. Cooking settings:

Although the cooker is built and designed for cooking different types of rice such as white, sweet, or brown rice, it features a range of cooking settings this allows you to be able to cook a wide range of dishes. This means you are not limited to only rice. You will also be able to steam and cook a lot of different vegetables with the cooker.

  1. Keeps food warm:

The cooker is also able to function as a warmer. It features settings that is able to keep rice warm and tasty for up to 12 hours. It can also be used to reheat food with little effort.


  1. It cooks rice perfectly
  2. The inner pot comes marked with water levels which matches various amount of uncooked rice with black coating which makes it best rice cooker stainless steel inner pot.
  3. The clock uses battery, which means the time is not lost even when the device is unplugged
  4. It is very simple to operate
  5. It has an internal reel which winds up the power cord and allows for easy storage


  1. The cooker is unable to hold the included scoop or paddle inside itself for storage, even when the steamer basket is removed
  2. Although the manual says the cooker is able to cook rice as little as 0.5 cups, the internal pot only has markings for water levels as low as 1.0 cup for uncooked rice

  1. Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker

The CRP-PO6095 is a powerful electric pressure cooker with the capacity to cook days worth of food plus feed up to six people. It comes with 12 cooking functions and three language voice navigation; English, Chinese, Korean. It features an auto steam cleaning function that makes it easy and simple to cook a wide range of food.


  1. Enjoy GABA rice:

Whether it is raw grain or germination, or even fully cooked rice. With just a touch of a button you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of GABA rice. The result you get from using the CRP-PO6095 cannot be compared to that which you get from other rice cooker brands. The GABA mode uses Cuckoo Smart Algorithm which allows for easy cooking of delicious and healthy brown rice with less soak time.

  1. Multi Cook function:

The CRP-PO6095 can work as a pressure cooker, allowing you to ferment your cheese and yogurt at home. It’s pre-programmed multi cook function gives ultimate versatility for the cooking of Sushi Rice, Porridge, Chicken Soup, Bread Baking and much more.

  1. Water Drainage System:

This electric rice cooker features a water drainage system which helps to retain the taste of your rice, as well as collect any excess water vapor after cooking is done. This will help to maintain the flavor of your rice. The advantage of this drainage system is that it prevents bad odor and bacteria, keeps food fresh, and maintain clean environment by collecting water that is created during cooking.

  1. Double layer cover packing:

Steam is prevented from leaking by the double layered rubber packing. This gives a perfect sealing helping to preserve the flavor of food. The cover lid is detachable, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

  1. Safety features:

A comes with a truck load of safety features which helps protect you and keep you safe. Some of these features include; pressure control device, reed switch, lock checking device, thermal fuse, secondary pressure release etc.


  1. It has an auto steam cleaning cycle
  2. It has a double layer of seal packing which helps to prevent leaks
  3. It is able to cook all types of rice
  4. It comes with a host of safety features
  5. It has an intelligent voice system


  1. It is quite expensive
  2. The outer cover lid is not removable

  1. Tiger JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

This is the rice cooker of choice for people who wish to keep their experience with rice cooker as simple as possible, with no extra or fancy features. There are four cup capacities from which to select from, these are; 3 cup, 5.5 cups, 8 cups, and 10 cups capacities.

It features a non-stick inner pan plus a range of exterior designs from which users can choose from, such as stainless steel gray and lovely flower. Its simplicity and robustness makes this cooker one of the best available in the market.


  1. It is able to keep warm function for up to 12 hours
  2. It features a non-stick inner pan
  3. It comes with a retractable power cable
  4. It comes with accessories such as spatula and measuring cup
  5. It has a removable and washable steam vent


  1. It comes with a thermal function which is able to keep rice warm for up to 12 hours
  2. Its stainless steel exterior exude robustness while its lovely flower exterior gives it a pretty look
  3. The cooker comes with a spatula and a measuring cup which are specially designed according to the use of the cooker
  4. Users are also able to make soups, stews, and curry with the cooker, but this would require that they get the hang of the device
  5. It is quite easy to clean up the cooker as it has a removable and washable steam vents.


  1. Not measuring rice with the cup that comes with the cooker can cause an upset of the ratio the cooker works with
  2. Its one-push feature makes the cooker overly simplistic, causing users to miss out on a whole lot of technologies and functions which are available for use today
  3. Some users have reported that the non-stick coating of the inner pan comes off after a few years of use

  1. Yum Asia LED Touch Control Rice Cooker

The yumasia Rice Cooker and Warmer allows you to cook healthy and delicious stew and soups. With the 16-in-1 yum asia multi-cooker, you will be able to cook easy and healthy meals for yourself and family. Its fully adjustable temperature and timer makes it easy to choose the way you wish to cook your favorite meals.

In case you are running out of time to cook, the cooker comes with an intelligent delay start function that gives your cooking plan some flexibility. It has large LED screen display which allows convenience when controlling the cooking time.


  1. Smart customize setting:

It comes with 16 diverse cooking ways which includes rice cooking, pizza, yogurt, soup, cake and much more. Even if you are a green hand in the kitchen, the yum asia Multi cooker makes it easy to cook delicious meals for yourself and family. In fact, all you need to do is select a desire menu, set a specific time and temperature, and then sit back and allow the cooker do it thing.

  1. 24 hours Delay Start:

The 24 hours delay start function allows your food to be ready exactly when you want it to. All you need do is add your ingredients to the cooker, activate delay start, and let the machine handle the rest. It will automatically enter keep warm mode once cooking is completed.

  1. Easy clean up:

The non stick inner pot, detachable inner cover and steam vent allows cleaning to be so easy. It is advisable to clean the device with soft cloth or sponge after every use.

  1. 5L Large capacity:

The cooker is able to hold up to 10 cups of uncooked rice which is enough to serve 5-8 people.


  1. Rice comes out right any point when using this cooker
  2. It is easy to clean
  3. Has necessary features to make a wonderful pot of rice
  4. It is affordable yet able to give more value
  5. It has very easy to read LCD control panel which makes operation simple


  1. It does not have a removable cord

5. Cuisinart CRC-800 8-Cup Rice Cooker

The bruised stainless Cuisinart rice cooker makes it easy to cook the perfect rice dish. It has a steam vent which prevents splattering while its chrome-plated handles which stays cool to the touch allows for easy handling. It comes with a built-in tray which can be used to steam other foods while you are cooking the rice.

Cleaning up is also a breeze, thanks to the non-stick coating which makes it the best rice cooker under 100 for people across the world. Its cord pull out and retracts, allowing for easy storage.


  1. Steaming tray:

With the steaming tray, you can steam a variety of food while cooking the rice

  1. Non stick:

The nonstick coating prevents rice from sticking to the pot, allowing cleaning to be so easy

  1. Retractable power cord:

It features a convenient retractable cord storage

  1. Accessories:

It comes with important accessories that makes your cooking so easy. The rice paddle allows users to fluff and scoop the rice out of the pot, preventing rice from sticking to cooking utensils. The measuring cup, on the other hand, is calibrated specifically the Cuisinart Rice Cooker allowing for proper and easy rice to water proportion measurement.

  1. Stainless steel housing:

With the stainless steel construction of the cooker, cleanup is so much easier.


  1. It has decent steel look
  2. It is not too large for an 8-cup size cooker
  3. It has good cooking time
  4. It is easy to use and easy to clean


  1. Some users will experience boil over issues
  2. The keep warm mode may begin a little too late resulting in a crusting of bottom layer
  3. The durable of the lever is questionable
  4. It has a hot top lid and exposed base

  1. Cuckoo CR-0675F Electric Heating Rice Cooker

Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker CR-0675F is apt for small families, bachelors, and singles. It can be quite challenging living a busy life in a small apartment. The Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker eases this challenge by adding a bit of comfort to your lifestyle.

This 3-cup electric cooker is currently regarded as the best with such capacity while maintaining a tremendous service. When it comes to cooking rice, this cooker does a perfect job in the fastest time.


  1. It has an advanced fuzzy logic technology
  2. It comes in a durable and solid construction
  3. It features a keep warming function
  4. It has an excellent re-heat function
  5. Cleaning is such a breeze
  6. It comes with a scoop holder
  7. It has a turbo cleaning function
  8. The inner cooking bowl is non-stick coated
  9. It has gradual cooking
  10. The oven cover is separable


  1. It is easy to clean
  2. It comes with necessary accessories
  3. It has an efficient Keep Warm feature
  4. It comes in a durable and solid construction


  1. It can only cook rice for two people

  1. Toshiba 6-Cup UNCOOKED Rice Cooker

Despite the popularity of non-stick coated cooking cookers, there are still a couple of people who prefer to not to cook with them. The toshiba rice cooker is designed especially for people like that. These cooking pots are made from surgical grade 304 stainless steel.

It uses a simple one-touch button and features an automatic keep-warm mode. So whether you wish to cook rice or you just want to steam meats, vegetables, or dumplings, such tasks can easily be handled by the cooker thus increasing the rice cooker uses.


  1. Stainless steel

The cooker features a stainless steel cooking bowl which does not react with food while cooking, and helps in preserving flavor and nutritional value. It won’t absorb any unusual flavors or odors and will not react with acidic foods or sauces. It will also not rust, peel, or tarnish.

  1. One touch operation:

It takes just a simple operation to get it to work and after cooking is done cooker automatically switches to keep warm mode

  1. Steamer tray:

The steamer tray allows for the steaming of meats, veggies, and other foods while you go ahead cooking your rice in the pot below making it one of the great rice cooker with steamer

  1. Tampered glass lid:

It features a tampered glass lid which allows users to look while they are doing their cooking

  1. Accessories:

It comes with useful accessories such as rice paddle, steamer tray, and measuring cup

  1. Warranty:

Buyers can purchase with confidence as the cooker comes with warranty cards. This allows customers to return the cooker for repairs or replacement

  1. Owner’s manual:

It comes with an Owner’s manual which gives important directions on how to use the cooker


  1. The price is okay considering its size and quality
  2. It comes with a steamer tray that gives versatility when cooking
  3. It comes with one-year warranty for parts and labor
  4. The glass lid allow users to watch while cooking and a hole is designed which allows the steam to go out
  5. It is constructed from surgical-grade stainless steel which is used for its interior for safe cooking


  1. The inner pot appears to be too thin, allowing it to chip after several uses
  2. The hole which is supposed to allow the steam to go out eventually creates mess everywhere
  3. The rice usually sticks to the bottom of the pan

  1. Aroma Housewares Professional Plus ARC-5000SB 20 Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker

The AROMA 20-Cup (Cooked rice) allows you to enjoy cooking rice. The cooker can be used as a food steamer and slow cooker to prepare other delicious dishes, all at a click of a simple button which makes it one of the best rice cooker under 50 for a lot of people across the world.

With the AROMA 20-Cup Rice Cooker you can turn cooking time into fun time. You can go ahead to help your kids with their homework, dive into that novel you have always wanted to read, or do whatever you have planned, all while serving healthy, hot, and hearty meals for your entire family.

It has a generous capacity that is able to cook 4-20 cups of rice with special options. Immediately the rice is done the cooker will switch to Warm mode immediately, removing the need for constant monitoring of food. It features a steam tray, which allows you to steam meats or vegetables as you cook your rice.


  1. Multi-function use:

Whether what you have in mind is a hearty jambalaya, or steamed veggies, or even fluffy cake, all of these is achievable with ARC-5000SB cooker. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

  1. Nutritious and delicious:

The cooker comes with a built-in steam function which allows nutrient-rich meals to be prepared above while rice, soup, or any other meal can cook below. This is an excellent way to save time without sacrificing quality. Not only does the multicooker come with most of your favorite cooking options but also comes with the unique feature of Slow Cook and Saute-then-Simmer STS, allowing meals to be rich and tasty.

  1. Capacity and dimension:

The cooker has a 20-cup cooked capacity, able to generate anything from 4-20 cups of cooked rice. It measures 12.2″x12.1″x12.2″.

  1. User-friendly programming:

One good thing about the cooker is its incredible user-friendliness, thanks to simple to operate digital panel, which is able to switch to keep warm automatically once cooking is completed. This gives you the freedom to take your time instead of worrying while you cook.

  1. Accessories:

The rice cooker comes with useful accessories, this includes; nonstick inner pot, steam tray, rice measuring cup, and a plastic rice spatula.


  1. It comes with a digital display which offers tremendous cooking options
  2. It has an auto keep warm function
  3. It features a 15-hour delay timer
  4. This small rice cooker is able to yield 20 cups of professionally made rice easily


  1. Setting the timer can be somewhat cumbersome

  1. Hamilton Beach (37548) Rice Cooker

The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker and Steamer makes cooking complete and balanced meals as easy as just putting the ingredient in the bowl and turning it on. Not only is it able to cook rice and whole grain to perfection, it features an integrated basket which can be used to steam poultry, seafood, and vegetables while the rice cooks.

This simply means that with just a few presses of a button, you will be able to serve chicken and broccoli over rice one night and serve salmon with kale and quinoa on the other, quite easily. The 2-in-1 steamer basket can equally be used to rinse grains before cooking thereby preventing clumping and offering fresher taste.


  1. Versatile settings:

It comes with a host of settings, White Rice: cooks all variety of white rice, Quick rice: excellent for when you are in a hurry, Whole grain: designed for farro, brown rice, quinoa, and other whole grains, Heat/Simmer: can be used for flavoring pasta and rice mixes, soups, beans and one-pot meals, Steam Cook: excellent for vegetables, meat, fish etc.

  1. 2-in-1 Rice Rinser/Steam Basket:

The steam basket doubles as a rice rinser. This can be used for rinsing rice before cooking, preventing clumping and creating fresh taste.

  1. Ready when you want it:

With the Delay Start feature, you can awaken to a warm pot of robust oatmeal or get back home to simmering soup. This feature helps you to program cooking for up to 11 hours in advance. The Keep Warm setting ensures that your dish remains at the right temperature until when you are ready to serve it.

  1. One Pot cooking:

With just one pot you can make a complete dinner. While steaming seafood, vegetables, or poultry in the steam basket, you can cook your rice in the pot.


  1. It is highly versatile
  2. It has large cooking capacity
  3. You are able to steam and cook meals simultaneously
  4. It comes with a quick rice cooking feature
  5. It features a steam tray which equally works a rice/grain rinser


  1. The steam tray is made of plastic

  1. DCIGNA 1.2L Mini Travel Rice Cooker

Cooking rice and whole grains with the DCIGNA Rice Cooker is as simple as placing the ingredient in the bowl and simply turning the machine on. The rice will cook perfectly well on its own, allowing you the time to prepare the rest of the meal or focus on something else.

There is no need for your to bowl water, or adjust the temperature or set timer, the cooker will automatically shift to warm once cooking is complete.


  1. Comfortable handle:

It comes in a small size with flexible capacity for 2-6 cups of rice. This makes it perfect for small kitchens, storage, or pantry. It also has carrying handles, which makes it easy to be carried to parties and occasions.

  1. Non-stick and removable pot:

The travel cooker comes with a removable pot with PFOA-free nonstick coating, which is safe to use and easy to clean. It has a unique steam tray accessory which allows for perfectly cook poultry, veggies, fish and more.

  1. Versatility:

The mini cooker offers versatility that can only be limited by users creativity

  1. Accessories:

It comes with dishwasher safe rice measuring cup and rice paddle

  1. Keep Warm Function:

It features a Keep Warm function and indicator light which prevents you from overheating or overcooking ingredients, allowing for a healthy, perfect meal at every time.


  1. The handle makes it easy to transport
  2. The nonstick coating and removable pot makes cleaning a breeze
  3. This mini rice cooker is very versatile


  1. It isn’t built for cooking for a large crew

Buying Guide: What to Look out for when buying Rice Cookers

With a wide variety of rice cookers coming at different prices, it is important that you determine how much of a rice cook you are before you go ahead to shop. If you are someone who eats rice only occasionally, then a cheap rice cooker will probably be sufficient to meet your needs.

But if you are one who eats rice virtually every other day, then you will probably be served best by a cooker with induction heating or microprocessor plus a variety of other rice settings which you can choose from best rice cooker brands given above.

The other important question you need to answer is how many people you will be cooking for. Estimating that a cup will be sufficient for one person. You won’t need a cooker with a 10-cup capacity if you plan only to feed two people. A model with a 3-cup capacity will just be sufficient.

If you have a family of 4-6, then you can step up to a 5-6 cup model and if your family is larger, then an 8-10 cup model will be sufficient. It is important to remember than rice measuring cups are not same as standard U.S. cups. Below are some other rice cooker buying tips;

  1. Versatility:

Although rice cookers don’t take up space, if you have a particularly small kitchen you may want to consider a multipurpose cooker that can serve as a steamer and slow cooker. Pressurized rice cookers do not release steam, which makes it usable in virtually every room in the house.

  1. Easy to use:

Basic rice cookers come with one-touch operation. Pricier models, on the other hand, come with digital controls. Regardless of how expensive the cooker is, it is expected to be intuitive enough such that it requires only a few glances at the manual to operate after which anyone can answer questions like how does rice cooker work?

  1. Important controls:

For models that have digital controls, it is expected that they must have a timer which is able to tell the cooker to switch on at specified time and lets users know how much time is left until meals are ready. If you wish to buy a more advanced, full featured model, ensure that it has a quick-cook setting that can be used whenever you are pressed for time.

  1. Automatic Keep Warm Settings:

One of the perks rice cookers have over standard pans or pots is that they don’t require constant attention when cooking. An automatic keep warm feature ensures that your food stays warm without getting overcook when you are focused on preparing the rest of your meal or if you are simply not ready to eat right away.

  1. The outside should stay cool to the touch:

Your rice cooker is expected to be safe such that the outside shouldn’t burn the fingers when the appliance is on. If you wish to serve food directly from the cooker, then the handles must stay cool enough to grip.

  1. Removable or retractable power cord:

This feature helps to make your rice cooker easier to store. It helps to transform your cooker into a portable server without the discomfort of dragging a long power cord behind you.

  1. Detachable inner lid:

Although most cookers come with lids that’s hinged on one side, which makes them convenient for one-handed use, they can be so challenging to clean. Instead, look for a cooker that has a detachable and washable inner lid. This helps to make clean up easier.

  1. Easy to clean:

Regardless of its price point, rice cookers are expected to be easy to clean. This means they should come with a nonstick insert which can easily be washed with sponge, soap, and water. Some models, however, come with stainless steel inserts which are a bit more durable but can be harder to clean.

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Benefits of buying Rice Cookers

If you have ever cooked rice on a stove pot to have it burn the bottom of your pot or cooked it in a microwave and have the water overflow, then you will have a renewed appreciation for the foolproof cooking that a rice cooker offers as its working is very easy and efficient. A rice cooker is designed to simplify the cooking of rice. All you need do is add rice along with the appropriate quantity of water and then press a button to turn on the cooker. There are a whole range of options from which you can select. Below are some of the major benefits of buying and using rice cookers;

  1. Make hot breakfast:

You can use it to prepare oatmeal or other hot cereals. All you need do is add a little less water or milk than you would for a stovetop cooking. Cookers come with “Keep Warm” function which helps to keep the food from going cold for hours. This is excellent for days when everyone wakes up at different times.

  1. Steam vegetables:

For cookers that come with steamer rack, this can be used to cook cut vegetables for good health, potatoes, fish fillets, or chicken breasts.

  1. It cooks rice automatically:

The rice cooker takes away the fuss that comes with cooking rice in a saucepan or any other cooking vessel. All that you need to do is measure your rice and liquid, set the lid, and put the machine one. The machine will shut off the cook mode once cooking is complete.

  1. Keep rice warm:

Most cookers come with a warming feature. This ensures that your rice stays warm after cooking as you spend the time finishing up the rest of your meal

  1. Easy to clean:

Although exception exists, but most rice cookers are easy to clean as they have components that are safe to put in the dishwasher.

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FAQ when buying Rice Cooker

  1. What size of rice cooker is right for me?

If you are single or a couple, then you don’t need huge cooker except if you are the social type who regularly host parties. A 1-cup or 3-cup capacity will be just fine for singles or couples. Larger families can opt for bigger models.

Newer models are however available from manufacturers such as Panasonic and Mitsubishi that can handle small amount of rice despite their large capacity. This means that a 10-cup model will be able to cook 1 cup as well as 10 cups of rice. This then means that choice will be dependent on budget and countertop space.

  1. Do I really need to spend so much on a rice cooker?

If you think you will be using your cooker regularly, say twice or more every week, then a rice cooker is worth having. It is worth noting that there is a difference between a good rice cooker and a cheap one. let me tell that expensive rice cooker has lot of functions to make many food items besides rice only which makes it a versatile cooking equipment to have in your kitchen.

it can cook almost all type of grain dishes and save you time which you can invest in  other activities. food cooked in rice cooker is also healthy at its cooked evenly not like stove which some time makes food over cooked thus reducing the amount of nutrition in it.

  1. Should I get a cooker that can cook brown rice and other types of rice?

Once again, if you think you will be cooking other types of rice and grains then the answer is yes.

  1. What features should I look out for?

Below are some of the essential features which you should look out for in your rice cooker;

– Timer

– Ease of use


– Audible beeper

– Keep Warm feature

  1. Why is my rice not tasting right even after cooking it in a rice cooker?

One reason for this is if you are not cooking the right kind of Japanese rice. Another important consideration is washing. Washing is highly important to the overall taste of your rice. You can’t skip the washing part and expect to have a rice that is as good as you get at your favorite Japanese restaurant.

  1. Can I use a rice cooker to cook other things?

Of course you can. It is, however, important to note that rice cookers are designed to start cooking at low heat, to gradually increase and end at the highest heat. And in most models it is fairly sealed, meaning you get moist heat. Anything that can be cooked in such an environment can be cooked using the cooker.

you can also boil eggs in the rice cooker. all you need to do is fill it with about 2 cups of water and put the eggs on steam tray and start steam function for 10 minutes for soft boiled eggs, 13 for medium and 15 minutes for hard boiled eggs made in your rice cooker easily.

Cooking pasta in rice cooker is also easy , add 1 cup pasta and about 2 cups water in it to fill water little above the paste level. if you like al dente then add little less water. after that add some salt and few drops of oil and let it cook for 10 minutes, keep stirring the pasta in between few times to cook it evenly and you will get tasty and soft pasta ready to be mixed in marinade sauce and served piping hot to your lovely family and guest. you can also checkout pasta makers reviews on our site if you like to buy it for making homemade healthy pasta in your kitchen with quality ingredients.


There are two types of home cooks; there are those who love self-contained, single-specialty appliances such as rice cookers, because of the precision they offer. And then there are those who prefer to exist without the rice cookers or salad spinners and would rather opt for a simple life. Rice cookers come with a host of advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most notable disadvantages is the nonstick technology that is utilized for the container of the rice. This can easily be scratched when utensils aside from the ones provided by the manufacturer of the cooker is used, leading to an inferior cooking experience.

But despite the above-explained disadvantage and many others, the advantages of having a rice cooker for cooking tasty meals by far overweigh its disadvantages which you must have read from rice cooker reviews given above.

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