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There are basically two types of mixers available in the market; hand and stand model. Although the two models are popular and widely used, the stand mixer is more preferred as it offers greater convenience, usefulness and more functionality.

This understandably makes it more expensive than the hand mixer but buying stand mixer model with deals given below on the best stand mixer brands is a worthy investment anytime.

The stand mixer is a must-have for any avid home baker. It helps to simplify and speed up the baking process, without creating a mess and tiring out your arm. Aside from speed, it also give a better result compared to using your hands.

If you are buying a stand mixer for the first time, terms such as wattage and power may be confusing to you and this may make the task of deciding on the right product pretty challenging.

Below are an in-depth reviews of the ten best stand kitchen mixers currently in the market;

  1. Cuisinart SM-50 5.5 – Quart Stand Mixer

This is one mixer that is changing the way people mix. The Cuisinart comes with 12 speed setting and is a 5.5 quart 500-watt machine. It is available in three colors; brushed chrome, white, and red. It is almost an exact replica of the KitchenAid. The stand mixer is able to deliver more capacity, more capacity, and many more options.

It features a polished stainless steel bowl and comes in a die-cast construction. It offers 12 speed which gives users precision when mixing and comes with a three year limited warranty.


  1. Design:

The design has a lot of similarities with the KitchenAid’s timeless design. It can aptly be described as a beautiful machine with sufficient curves.

  1. Wide bowl:

It comes with a re-designed bowl that is wide enough to give users room to peek in and add ingredients. It features a big, fat handle that enables you to hold on securely so as to scoop ingredients out.

  1. Power:

It comes with amazing 500-watt power. This makes it powerful enough to knead a batch of bread dough in a few minutes, with absolutely no effort at all. What’s most unique about this machine is that it makes no noise at all. So you can mix with near-complete quietness.

  1. Tilt head:

The machine is properly balanced, allowing you to tilt the head easily without nursing the fear that it may tipping over. The head will also not accidentally fall forward. One advantage of this tilt head is that it makes it easy to insert and remove the bowl.

  1. Paddle:

The paddle is designed in a way very similarly to KitchenAid, meaning there are no zig-zag movement, instead it mimics the shape of the bowl. This makes it work excellently well at mixing and incorporating the ingredients.

  1. 12 Speeds for precision mixing:

It offers 12-speed options, which allows you to go from ultra-gentle fold to very powerful fast whip in a matter of seconds.


  1. The Cuisinart mixer is lightweight, coming at a mere 16.5lbs. This makes it easy to move, lift, and store.
  2. It has an easy control dial, that comes with a slick blue LED-illuminated ring when it is powered on. This gives an audible click when you are changing speed.


  1. Some users complain that the mixer does not stay still when mixing, that it lightweight feature makes it bounce around at medium to high speed

  1. KitchenAid KSM150PSWH Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer

Whether you want to mix up a batch of brownies, or whip up meringue, or knead your homemade pizza, the KitchenAid’s 5-Qt Artisan Stand Mixer can achieve that excellently for you. The Artisan is able to open up a world of tasty possibilities, from desserts to main dishes.

It is available in a wide range of colors, users can choose from more than 30 color choices. You can therefore use it to bring fun pop of color to your kitchen, or match your kitchen decor, or use it to complement your stainless steel accessories.

The mixer’s 10 speeds and 325-watt motor makes it powerful enough to handle virtually any recipe or task. Aside from that, it features a universal attachment hub which makes it easy to use the KitchenAid hub attachment from a pasta roller to a vegetable spiralizer.

If you are not so much of a fan of baking, the KitchenAid Artisan might just convince you.


  1. 10 Speed Settings:

It features a 10 speed setting which is powerful enough to tackle virtually any recipe or task. So whether you are whipping cream or stirring wet and dry ingredients together, this is the mixer you can rely on.

  1. Tilt-head design:

It features a tilt-head design which gives users easy access to the bowl and attached accessory or beater, making it easy to add ingredients for your recipe. The head can be locked into place during operation, keeping the beater-to-bowl contact efficient and close.

  1. Accessories:

The mixer comes with accessories for every recipe you might think about making from ciabatta bread to cookies . It comes with a flat beater, dough hook, 6-wire whip, and 1-piece pouring shield.

  1. Multiple colors:

With more than 20 color options available, it won’t be such a challenge to find the best match for your needs

  1. More than 12 attachments available:

The accompany power hub of your mixer turns it into a culinary district. With more than 12 optional attachments, the stand mixer power can be used to make fusilli pasta or Parmesan cheese in a matter of seconds.

  1. 5-Qt stainless steel bowl:

It features a 5-qt stainless steel bowl that has a comfortable handle. This gives good capacity to mix the food preparation dough 4 loaves of bread, 9 dozen cookies, or 7 pounds of mashed potatoes, at 1 time. What’s more, the bowl is dishwasher safe, making it easy and quick to clean up.


  1. It is apt for a typical household
  2. It uses a planetary dough mixing sequence which allows for efficient mixing
  3. It is available in a range of lovely colors
  4. It has an easy tilt-head
  5. It has an adjustable beater to bowl clearance
  6. The pouring shield reduces splatter
  7. It uses several attachments


  1. The pin that is responsible for locking the head to the base easily loosens
  2. Users cannot mix content or scrape when mixing is running
  3. It is not good for frequent use on stiff dough

  1. cooklee 6.5 qt stand Mixer Pro

When you are looking for a scraper mixer which combines performance and looks in the same package, then the cooklee stand mixer is certainly your mixer of choice. Not only is it able to cater to kneading, mixing, and whipping efficiently, it is also beautiful on countertop. The cooklee is essentially what you get when you put efficient functionality into a body that is sleek and elegant and is easy to use.

The cooklee mixer features a 550 watts power, which is sufficient power to make it thoroughly professional in its mixing abilities. At such high wattage you don’t have to fret about large batches.

When you pair this high wattage with its 6.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl, what you get stand mixer that is able to take on virtually any recipe that you throw at it.


  1. Mixing system:

The Scraper mixer ensures a 360 degree coverage which covers the entire bowl, this is possible via the counter-clockwise mixing head and anti-clockwise sweeping action of the wide attachment

  1. Double sided scraper beater:

The beater features a flexible edge which is able to wipe the sides and bottom of the bowl clean at every turn

  1. 12 Speed electronic control:

You are able to select the correct technique to suit your recipe, thanks to the 12 speed electronic control dial

  1. Versatile attachment:

It comes with effective and efficient attachments that helps in the creation of anything, from icing and whipped cream to bread and pasta dough. Some of these attachments include dough hook, whisk, splash, scraper beater, spatula, and standard flat beater.

  1. Die-cast metal stand:

The mixer is stable and secure during operation, thanks to its heavy duty die-cast metal stand.


  1. It comes at a reasonable price
  2. It has a compact design
  3. It comes in attractive colors
  4. It has six speed settings
  5. It is lightweight


  1. Some users complain about an annoying noise which the machine makes when working

  1. KitchenAid Classic Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

In a lot of ways the KitchenAid Classic Plus 4.5Qt Stand Mixer appear so much like a scaled down version of the Artisan. Although the power is reduced as well as its bowl capacity which is cut by almost half a quart, it is equally as efficient as any mixer can perform.

It ranks as one of the most valued mixers in the market. Its elegant design is one thing you can’t miss easily. It comes in a classic white and silver color. Not only will it help you prepare your food, it would also make your kitchen look more radiant. It comes with a couple of features which makes it stand out as a very reliable and fine mixer.

It is a tilt-head style mixer which uses a 4.5quart stainless steel mixing bowl. The mixer is very versatile, not only can you use it for making pasta but it can also be used for grinding food.


  1. Power hub:

Your stand mixer can be turned into a culinary center, thanks to power hub. It comes with more than 15 optional attachments which can be used to make fusilli pasta or parmesan cheese.

  1. 10 speeds:

It has 10 speeds which is capable enough for virtually any task or recipe.

  1. Attachments:

There are 12 different attachments on the mixer. This way you can choose the one which is suitable for any type of food you wish to prepare.

  1. Mixing action:

It is described as a planetary action mixer. As the beater spirals around the bowl it makes contact with all contents of the bowl at various points. This gives a more thorough and uniform mixing.


  1. It comes with a unique design and it is compact, making it easy to handle.
  2. The brushed stainless steel bowl will stay elegant for a long time to come
  3. It is built to last for a long time
  4. It is dishwasher safe
  5. It has a large bowl which allows you mix dough for up to 12 cookies or 3 loaves of bread or mashed potatoes of 6 pounds.
  6. It is flexible enough for you to choose the amount of power that is required to prep your food


  1. It is likely to get too hot when used for too long nonstop
  2. It is available only in single color

  1. Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach Stand mixer is designed to handle a variety of mixes and batter, capable to do virtually everything, from mixing sticky bread dough to whipping delicate meringues. It comes with a powerful 300-watt motor which is powerful enough to handle the toughest of ingredients.

What’s more, is that you won’t have to hand-mix at the end of your mixing or scrap the bowl. It uses a planetary mixing sequence that moves the beater around the entire bowl, allowing for full mixing. it is one of the best stand mixers for bread dough for daily use.

You can go from slow stir to fast mix with full control, thanks to the mixer’s seven speeds. There is also a useful guide at the top of the mixer, this allows you to know what speed you should use for different food preparations.

The mixer stays firmly still while in use as it features a nonslip feet. In order to guard against any messy drips, spills, or drops, the appliance comes with a splatter shield.


  1. Mixing guide:

You don’t have to be an expert at mixing, there is a useful guide located at the top of the machine which notifies you of the speed you can use for methods such as beating, folding, and lots more.

  1. 7 Speeds:

You have complete control over your mixing when you use this machine, this is because of its easy to use dial. You can mix to perfect consistency, thanks to its wide range of 7 speeds that you can choose from.

  1. Handle for easy lifting:

The mixer has a top handle which offers a good grip when you are lifting the mixer’s head to add ingredients or when you wish to swap out attachments. It can also be used when you wish to transfer the mixer to the place where it would be stored.

  1. Intense mixing action:

There is maximum contact between bowl and attachment which ensures that the bowl is completely covered and it mixes better than an average two beater. The mixing head orbits the bowl in the opposite direction to the beater.


  1. It can be used both as a stand mixer and a hand mixer
  2. It is lightweight and compact and can be termed as stand mixer mini
  3. It does not occupy so much space
  4. Other bowls can be used alongside it
  5. It is affordable
  6. It can easily be moved from counter to cabinet and vice versa
  7. It comes with sufficient power to manage most types of mixes


  1. The beaters do not get to the bottom of the bowl
  2. The beaters tend to push the content of the bowl aside
  3. It is not apt for multi-taskers
  4. The turntable does not turn automatically
  5. The mixer’s low speed is not actually low enough

  1. Aucma Stand Mixer 6.5-QT Tilt-Head Food Mixer

The Aucma food mixer was designed to ensure that users enjoy a unique and unmatched mixing experience. It comes with one of the most powerful motors, which gives it the capacity to work on different tasks. So whether you are mixing dough or whisking eggs, this is certainly the right device for you.

It uses a 660-watt motor which is able to work without creating so much noise. In order to improve its performance, the appliance features 6-speed. You can easily choose any of these speeds depending on the recipe that you have in mind.

The mixer comes with a stunning look, which brings exceptionality to any kitchen and makes it best stand mixer under $200 for many people across the world. It has a sleek body with a shiny steel belt. Aside from this, there is also a blue LED which gives the machine this beautiful appearance while it works.

It uses a 6Qt stainless steel bowl which is able to make large dough. It uses die-cast attachments which is robust and reliable and can carry out heavy duty tasks. There is also splash guards which helps to keep the appliance clean and mixing simple.


  1. Powerful motor and variable speed control:

It features a 660W powerful motor that offers high performance, this comes in a sturdy ABS housing. Despite its high performance it has a low operation noise of less than 76db. It features 6 optimized speeds with pulse function.

  1. 6.5Qt large capacity bowl:

It uses a 6.5Qt stainless steel bowl which has handles and is able to meet all of your kitchen needs. The mixer is versatile and can be used for making cakes, pastry, waffles, muffins, and cookies. The dual handles offers greater convenience when holding.

  1. Tilt-head design and outside design:

It features a tilt-head design which allows for easy installing or uninstalling of bowl and accessories. There is a stainless steel decoration belt on the mixer alongside a blue LED light which works as a power indicator. The mixer would look shiny and beautiful in any kitchen, thanks to its One Layer Painting.

  1. Multiple attachment set:

The Aucma stand mixer comes with three mixing accessories: dough hook, whisk, and mixing beater. The splash guard ensures that you can use your appliance comfortably without having to make a mess.

  1. One year warranty:

The Aucma stand mixer has the approval of the FDA and it is ETL listed. The company offers one year 100% satisfaction guarantee for refund or replacement. It is the perfect item to use as gift for friends and family.


  1. It comes in a sleek decorated design
  2. It uses die-cast accessories
  3. There are dual handles on the appliance


  1. Some users complain about it being too fast even when it is at low-speed settings

  1. Hauswirt Professional Stand Mixer

The Hauswirt is the apt mixer for people who like making bread, creaming butter for a range of recipes, or whipping egg whites.

The mixer features a removable 5-quart stainless steel bowl which gives more than enough room for cooking enthusiasts and bakers to mix dough and every other ingredients. this has been called best stand mixer on a budget by many people across the world.

It comes with a distinct planetary trajectory that has a 360-degree round cut. These unique features allow you to knead dough efficiently without splashing ingredients on your counter top.

It has a 500-watt rated power which gives more than enough energy in every operation but with as little noise as possible. The appliance gives a silent operation with a low noise of 80db.


  1. Large bowl:

It uses a removable stainless steel bowl which is large enough for mixing dough and other ingredients as long as they are between 0.2kg and 1.6kg

  1. Even kneading:

The combination of unique planetary sequence trajectory and 360 degree round cut ensures that the kneading is done more evenly bringing out the finest in the food

  1. Performance:

It uses a 500watt rated power which gives it tremendous performance yet the kneading noise is as low as 80db.

  1. Accessories:

It comes equipped with necessary accessories, this include; Y-shape flat beater, wire whip along with C-shape dough hook etc. This offers versatility to whip, blend, knead, and mix egg or cream in one go.

  1. Warranty:

It comes with a two-year product warranty to help you save money.


  1. It comes with a decently large container
  2. It uses suction which keeps operation steady
  3. It works quietly
  4. It is affordable


  1. It is not as powerful as some others in the market

  1. cheftronic Stand Mixer with 5.5 Qt Stainless Steel Bowl

The cheftronic Stand Mixer is reputed for its affordability yet it remains powerful enough to deliver offer tremendous service. It comes with a 5-quart capacity, meaning that it has a big enough total capacity. It has a quality wire whisk which helps it to mix things quite easily. For added functionality, the mixer features a slow start function, not forgetting its six-speed motor.

It uses planetary mixing action. It uses 500-watt of power, this makes it quite powerful enough for the preparation of most types of recipes. The installed splash guard helps to ensure that your counter top is not messy after a mixing session.

There is a suction cup at the bottom of the appliance, this helps the bowl to stay in place. The included scraper helps you to scrape dough cleanly without making a mess.

Its powerful motor is FDA and ETL approved for safety. There is also the double dough hooks and comfortable handle, this gives it better ergonomics.

Along with other multipurpose accessories, the TRITAN plastic shell is BPA-free. It comes with a two-year warranty.


  1. Double dough hooks:

The design of the mixer simulates hand kneading. It uses a planetary style mixing with its double doughing hook which is able to knead heavier yeast dough quickly and easily. The mixer’s 360 degree mixing action ensures full bowl coverage

  1. great set:

It uses a 5-qt stainless steel bowl. The bowl uses a comfortable handle plus it good capacity.

  1. Multipurpose different accessories:

Some of the accessories of the mixer include; a flat beater, double dough hooks, a wire whisk, and a splash guard. The splash guard helps you to add ingredients without creating a mess.

  1. Tilt-head and small body design:

The tilt-head design of the mixer makes it possible to tilt the mixer head so it can make contact with food mixer. In order to avoid bouncing around or other forms of movement during operation, there is an anti skid silicone foot.

  1. motor with multiple 6 speeds:

It uses a 500W motor which gives it tremendous power. The mixer’s 6 speed is more than sufficient to cover all types of food demands. This ensures that your dough is mixed perfectly every time.

  1. Warranty:

The mixer comes with a 2-year satisfaction guarantee. It uses FDA and ETL approved products and all its parts are BPA free.


  1. It has a large capacity bowl
  2. It is super easy to clean
  3. It comes with six different speeds
  4. It is affordable and can be termed as best stand mixer under 100
  5. It is user-friendly
  6. It has a sturdy and impeccable finish
  7. It has an anti slip design bottom that helps it stay stable during heavy work


  1. The plastic fixation for the head housing breaks easily

  1. kuccu Stand Mixer: Tilt-Head Electric Mixer with Stainless Steel Bowl

The kuccu stand mixer is also known as the kitchen expert. It is your perfect hands free mixer, able to meet all of your household mixing needs. So whether you are kneading flour or whipping cream or mixing dry and wet ingredients together, the kuccu stand mixer is able to meet up the task.

It is a high quality mixer that makes a perfect gift to a dutiful wife.


  1. Powerful motor:

It features a 660W power consumption motor which is sufficient enough to meet virtually every household mixing needs, be it kneading flour or whipping cream.

  1. 6 Speed control and multiple accessories:

It is all in your power to control the speed of the mixer, from a very fast whip to a slow stir. There are six available speed from which you can choose from. The mixer comes with important accessories, some of which include beater, dough hook, and whisk, each for different mixing requirements.

  1. No more mess:

It features a tilt-head design which makes it easy to access the mixing bowl. It has a splash guard which helps to prevent spattering when the mixer is in operation. In order to stay steady and avoid falling off the countertop while working, the machine has six anti-slip silicone suction.

  1. Large capacity bowl:

The mixer uses a 6.3Qt stainless steel bowl which is big enough to contain necessary ingredients. This makes preparing cakes, pizza, cream, white breads, cookies or perhaps basic meringues easily.

  1. Warranty:

The appliance comes with a one-year warranty.


  1. It uses a powerful 660w motor
  2. It features a tilt head design
  3. It has six speed control
  4. It comes with a splash guard
  5. It has anti-slip suction cups


  1. It is very heavy
  2. It is not easy to move from cabinet to countertop and vice versa

10. Cusimax Automatic Stand Mixer

The cusimax Electric Stand Mixer  with 5 Qt capacity bowl is a unique mixer fitted with powerful chopper motor that offers a planetary mixing action. It can tackle virtually every recipe or task, thanks to it 3-speed settings. It can be used in the making of bread, cookies, waffles, muffins, and so much more.

One unique feature of this mixer is its tilt-head design which makes it easy for attachments to be installed and used in the most convenient way. It also has an anti-slip silicone suction feet which helps the machine to stay stable and fixed while it is being used.

The mixer comes with a host of very essential attachments, this include; mixing beater, wire whisk, dough hook, silicone brush, and splatter guard. The splatter guard is what helps avoid the creation of mess while the mixer is being used.

With this reliable machine, mixing and blending has never been so easy and fun. You are certain to have a perfectly baked product at every single time. What’s more interesting is that the mixer comes with a 2-year warranty, so for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, this warranty can help you solve it.


  1. Glass bowl:

It comes with a glass bowl which allows you to observe your kneading every time. It is made from borosilicate glass material and it is FDA supported. You can bask in comfort and peace of mind as the material fulfills all safety certification. The visible glass bowl allows you to easily control the kitchen as well as enjoy your cooking.

  1. Multipurpose kitchen mixer:

It comes with abundant accessories which offers multiple functions and is able to meet all of your different needs. Some of the accessories include; aluminum dough hook, stainless steel egg whisk, aluminum mixing beater, splash guard, and silicone brush.

  1. Powerful motor:

It uses a pure copper motor with rated power of 500W. It has full metal gears for driven mechanism and an output shaft which has an anti-leakage construction.

  1. 6-speed adjustment:

It features a rotary switch with six speed. These unique speeds are applicable to different foods.

  1. Tilt-head for convenience:

The ergonomic tilt design makes it easy to install and uninstall glass bowl and other accessories. When the head is tilted the motor head will be locked in place which would then stops the machine from operating. This helps ensure maximum safety while using the machine.


  1. It comes with a glass bowl which has scale
  2. It features anti-slip suction cups
  3. It has pulse control
  4. It features a stainless steel knife connector
  5. It comes with a 2-year warranty
  6. It includes a spatula for scraping of the sides


  1. It could be more silent
  2. The bowl does not have a large capacity

Benefits of Buying and Using a Stand Mixer

For an avid baker the benefits of using a stand mixer is pretty much evident, but if you are a skeptic or someone who is considering going into serious baking, then you may need some reassurances that you are on the right path. Listed below are some of the benefits of purchasing this amazing appliance for various daily uses;

  1. Hands free operation:

This is one of the most important benefits of the stand mixer. It is able to work perfectly without you needing to do anything with your hands, making it excellent for multitaskers. All you need to do is load your ingredients and then turn on your machine. This translate to less work for you and faster and more reliable results.

Without stress and without creating a mess, you can mix and blend together the thickest mixture without messing up your hands.

The mixer is able to knead dough to your desired texture, just the same way your hands would, but in this case you won’t have flour all over your hands. You can easily and quickly add ingredients to the mixture while the unit is working.

  1. Versatility:

Stand mixers are reputed for their versatility, they are the ultimate multipurpose kitchen utensils. Majority of stand mixers come with three standard mixer attachments that is able to do different tasks.

Most of them can work with attachments which you can purchase separately. There are attachments that would allow you to make mashed potatoes, cupcakes, pizza dough, guacamole, and a lot more.

  1. Attachments:

Stand mixers usually come with basic sets of attachments which you can kick start your cooking. There is also the option of fitting additional attachments which you can purchase differently. These attachments are responsible for the versatility of your stand mixer.

  1. Multipurpose:

There are a number of things that you can use your stand mixer for in your kitchen. Aside from the mixer itself, the steel bowl that comes with the appliance may be used for all sort of things. It may be used as double broilers or the deep narrow bowls could be ice cream or cake molds.

  1. Power and control:

Some stand mixers, particularly the high end versions, come with very powerful motors and up to 12 different speeds. This gives you all the control and power you need to tackle even the heaviest dough. Most stand mixers comes with tilt head or a tilt arm.

The advantage of this is that users can easily control mixing as well as adding ingredients at the time of their chosen. This design also allows for the easy installing and uninstalling of the bowl and any other attachments that you may choose to use.

  1. Reliability and efficiency:

Stand mixers are typically built with top quality materials, this allows them to be reliable as well as efficient. These materials also ensures their longevity. Stand mixers are usually made from die-cast materials. This simply means they are heavy. This is an advantage as it helps the bowl to stay in place while it is in use.

  1. Fast:

This is one of the hallmarks of stand mixers. With the right appliance you can get your dough and batters done a whole lot faster and with less energy than if you had used your hands or other means. You no longer have to stand for 10 minutes circling your mixing bowl and getting your hands tired.

With this mixer all you need to do is set your ingredients and allow the machine to do its job. There are a couple of high tech models which feature a timer. You can simply set the timer and the machine will stop once it is done.

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Buying Guide: Things To Look Out For When Buying a Stand Mixer

Now that you have decided that you need a stand mixer, there are a couple of things that you need to put into consideration before you go ahead and make a purchase. Below are four of those things;

  1. Size and weight:

If you have plans to feed a large family or you are an unrepentant baker who bakes virtually every day of the week, then a large mixer would do you much good. A large stand mixer would also require a powerful motor to knead dough properly. It is also important that your mixer be fairly heavy as this would keep it from dancing around on the counter as it works.

If you have a small kitchen or plan to cook for a few people, then a smaller model should be your pick. The standard size for smaller models is between 4.5-5.5Qt, which is sufficient enough for most cakes and homemade frostings. One advantage of smaller models is that they can be easily moved from cupboard to countertop. Larger models have bowl size which range from 6 to 8 Quarts.

  1. Price:

Stand mixers come at a wide range of prices, from the very affordable to the very expensive. Some of the factors that determine the price of these machines include; capacity, brand name, features, special attachments etc. The challenge with buying cheap mixers is that they tend to be less sturdy and may break down after repeated heavy use.

  1. Power:

The guide is this; choose the most powerful mixer in your budget range. The higher the wattage of a mixer, the more the power of the motor. This allows you to safely mix studier dough.

  1. Features and accessories:

It is also important to consider the features and accessories that accompany different models that you are considering, from speed settings to attachments. It is advisable to opt for a stand mixer that offers multiple speed settings and has whisks, paddle, and a dough hook.

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FAQ When Buying a Stand Mixer

  1. What is the function of a mixer?

Mixers can be used for a variety of purposes, that’s why some people call them the ultimate multi-purpose kitchen utensils. stand mixer uses range from simple mixing to a variety of other complex operations. Mixers can be used for small jobs, such as whisking eggs and can equally be useful for heavy-duty applications such as dough mixing.

  1. Do I need a stand mixer or a hand mixer?

This is one of the questions you need to answer before you make your purchase. Although stand mixers are aesthetically pleasing and lovely in any kitchen, hand mixers can satisfy your cooking needs at a lower price. If you regularly make bread, frosting, meringue, shredded meat, and marshmallows, then a stand mixer will be excellent for you.

If you don’t plan to make any of the listed food items, then a hand mixer would be a better choice for your baking and cooking needs.

  1. What is the importance of power rating and capacity of a stand mixer?

Power is an important consideration when shopping for the right mixer to buy. The power of a mixer is determined by the equipped motor. The power is what determines the performance of the mixer. Appliance with stronger motor (higher power) gives more powerful mixing ability. Some mixers come with motors which range from 300 to 700 watts.

Capacity is another important parameter when shopping for a mixer. Capacity will determine the amount of food that can be mixed at a given time. The capacity of a mixer is determined by the mixer bowl. Mixers come with different bowl sizes which equals different capacities. For the best performance, it is advisable to opt for a large bowl and a strong motor.

  1. Does mixers come with attachments?

Yes, most of them do. Mixers are reputed for their versatility, and attachments are responsible for this feature. A brand that comes with accessories makes the appliance more versatile. These attachments enable different functions. Some of the popular attachments include dough hooks, flat beaters, and whiskers.

  1. What are the speed settings?

This refers to the range of speed available in a mixer. The advantage of having a variable speed is that it offers versatility in mixing ability. Mixers with multiple speed are excellent and more preferred than those with a single speed. This allows you to make different recipes comfortably. Usually, stand mixers are available in settings of up to 10 speed.

Lift bowl stand mixer vs tilt head stand mixer which is better?

It depends on your liking, in my opinion both are great. tilt heads are light to use and does the job faster for adding and removing content from it but doesn’t come in high capacity, you wont be able to find more than 5 qt for tilt head ones, so if you want small and light weight for occasional work then go for tilt head. it you want big then lift bowl stand mixer are for you to buy.

lift head ones seems to be more mechanically rugged and strong since then are used for large and often cooking. if you do lot of different kind of cooking in large and small batches with variety of dishes then you can also get both of them to use in different times and different situations easily without making work hectic.

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Stand mixers are an excellent addition to any kitchen, particularly if you are a fan of baking. The benefits that you enjoy from a stand mixer goes beyond being able to mix a cake batter quicker, easier, and with less stress. These appliances also offer a unique versatility as well as great value for money when you buy stand mixer on sale with a discount from the above links.

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