popular electric skillet-READ BEFORE BUYING

It is alleged to be the solution to every chef’s petitions and is accountable for providing an extra element of ease to food preparation and serving meal as well.

Yes, we actually mean the electric skillet; that awesome kitchen appliance which is not only useful in regulating cooking temperatures but accurately carrying out its duty.

The Electric skillet maintains the heat where it matters more, while cooking your meal to aptness and stopping the heat from dispersing into your kitchen and making it hot and uncomfortable as well. if you are wondering Which company makes the best electric skillet? then you have come to the right place, as here we share the top quality electric skillets from reliable brands.

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Here is the list of quality electric skillets on sale for you to buy with discount instantly from below links but if you like to read some reviews and guide before buying then scroll down below

In addition, you can prepare larger amount of meal than you would have been able to do with a traditional frying pan and serve the meal with it too.

What’s more interesting about it is it’s the ability to fit into the dishwasher after usage, thus giving you time to relax after an awesome meal prepared to perfection.

If this sounds fun and great to you too, then you need to proceed and read all our honest reviews on the most popular electric skillets in the market. This will help your decision process by giving you in depth info on the skillets – then you proceed to pick the one that meet your needs when it’s time to purchase one.

  1. Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet: Editors choice

Everyone has past experiences of preparing meals for a large audience and hysterically struggling to keep track of what to cook, fry, and the kitchen utensils to use.

If you find your self in this situation on a regular, then the Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet might be the kitchen tool you need to guarantee everything goes as effortlessly as possible with perfect results.

The built-in spout found in the Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet lets you transfer liquids from the skillet to another container without spilling anything on your kitchen surface. When the spout is not used for this purpose, it can double as a spoon holder or spatula when you’re serving meal to your audience.

The Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet is more capable than most of it’s competitors and quite cheaper than them.


  • The Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet is manufactured by Presto
  • It is 20×12.5×8 Inches in dimension
  • The Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet weighs up to 6 pounds in weight.
  • And often sold in black color.
  • The Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet has advanced heat control mechanism.
  • This electric skillet of 16 inch has a removable base, which makes it easier to clean.


  • It has a glass covering which makes it cooler to monitor the content of the skillet.
  • The base is made of heavy aluminum.
  • The cover and pan are washable.
  • The handles and base of the Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet are detachable.
  • It spreads and contains heat evenly. And the Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet is expertly designed, with a neutral black color.


  • There is often a formation of dark crust where the burner is located.

  1. Green Life Electric Skillet :Popular in market

The Green Life Electric Skillet is an all-in-one large surface pan with eradicates the need for you to cook in batches. The Green life Electric Skillet lets you adjust or even remove the temperature dial: You can comfortably cook from warm to char. The non-stick interior makes it easier to clean, safe to wash and one of the best non stick electric skillet.

The bonded metal construction makes it possible for even heat distribution. With a sleek design, stainless tell handle, and a transparent glass lid, what more can one ask from a simple skillet?!


  • Power – The green life Electric Skillet takes up to 1800 W of electricity.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • The body and handle of the All-Clad Electric pan Skillet is made of stainless steel.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat too.


  • The green life Electric Skillet is large enough to let you cook in bulk rather than in batches.
  • The temperature dial is removable and adjustable too.
  • It has non-stick interior and it’s safe for dishwashing.


  • It is quite pricey for some people.

  1. Elite Platinum EG-6201 Electric Skillet

The Elite Platinum EG-6201 Electric Skillet also takes a top position in our list of electric skillets. The Elite Platinum Electric Skillet is a deep-dish pan and may pose as a challenge to other skillets. With a capacity worth up to 8 quarts, you won’t be needing to cook or bake in batches on this large electric skillet, as space won’t be running out anytime soon.

In addition, the Elite Platinum Skillet offers a see-through lid via which you can view the content of the skillet, without loosing steam in the process.

As with the Presto 16-inch skillet, the spout can also double as a spatula or a spoon as well. The on-stick skillet is vital for preparing meals or frying chicken. The fantastic feature of the Elite Platinum Electric Skillet is the fact that it can be fully immersed in water because it is dishwasher safe.

Many electric kitchen appliances cannot be completely immersed in water hence making it quite hard to sanitize them totally. To clean the Elite Platinum Electric pan, you just need to remove the thermostat and the cord.


  • The Elite Platinum Electric Skillet has a honey-comb coating which is non-stick
  • It possesses a heavy-duty aluminum base
  • It has a detachable thermostat.
  • Comes with a see-trough lid cover.
  • The handles are not heated when in use so it’s often cool to touch.
  • The Elite Platinum Electric Skillet has a pouring spout.


  • The handles are not heated when in use so it’s often cool to touch.
  • Comes with a see-trough lid cover which lets you see the content in the skillet.
  • The knobs and handles are safe when in use because they don’t get hot.
  • The Elite Platinum Electric Skillet is safe to immerse in water.
  • The Elite Platinum Skillet has a deep dish and a wide pan so you don’t have to worry about space.


  • Due to the size of the dish, you may require additional space to store the Elite Platinum Electric Skillet in your kitchen.

  1. Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet

The Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet an advanced indispensable kitchen tool for individuals who enjoy preparing home made meals; especially those who find derive joy in being in the kitchen than any other place in their house. The Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric pan is a step-up model of electric skillet. It is one of the popular skillets purchased by shoppers for their home.

Over the years, customers who have purchased and used this kitchen utensil have showered praises on the said appliance in regards to it’s quality safe features, and comfort. Hence, we can classify it as a great kitchen utensil you might want to own for yourself. Here are the features of the Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet:


  • The dimensions of the Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet are 16 x 12 x 7 Inches. The non-stick surface of the Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet is up to 16 inch and appealing to do some immediate cooking.
  • The Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet has high rim, which is ideal for cooking meals at appropriate temperature meals without fear of spilling.
  • The lid cover is transparent and admirable.
  • The Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet has handles that does not get hot even when preparing food with the skillet.
  • The Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric pan has solid look and durability due to the sturdy steel used in making the skillet. It will probably last up to a decade if used appropriately.
  • The Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet comes with in-built spout which is designed to handle excess liquid, broth, and some other food content that may be difficult to get out of the Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet without spilling on the kitchen surface.
  • If you’re preparing for a buffet show, you need not worry because the Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet comes with four thick rubber stands to keep the bottom of the skillet from scratches and support the metal hob also.
  • The Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric pan can be used anytime of the day – morning, afternoon, and evening.


  • The lid fastens unto the pan for stress-free pouring and storage.
  • The Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet has high rim, which is ideal for cooking meals at appropriate temperature meals without fear of spilling.
  • The Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet comes with in-built spout which is designed to handle excess liquid, broth, and some other food content that may be difficult to get out of the Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet without spilling on the kitchen surface.
  • The lid cover is transparent and admirable.
  • The temperature can go from warm to as high as 400°
  • The Hamilton Beach 38528R Electric Skillet uses about 1500 Watts for quick heat up.


  • The sound is often loud and buzzing when heating.
  • It turns itself on and off when cooking and this can create issues.
  • The power cable is short.

  1. Zojirushi EP-RAC50 Gourmet d’Expert 1350-Watt Skillet

The Zojirushi EP Gourmet d’Expert Skillet is a multifunctional electric skillet loved by many users. The appliance is accompanied by two cooking dishes: one dish for steaming and grilling, and another dish for deep-frying.

The aim and vision of Zojirushi (the manufacturing company) is the production of modern generation products that are sleek, beautiful, and easy to use.

Making the lives of consumers better via their innovative tech products in the modern age and beyond is the philosophy of the organization.


  • Multifunctional product – While in the kitchen, one needs a price of kitchen utensil that surpasses all others because you can and may use it for more than one function. Unlike other skillets that may effectively handle one task and do poorly in other task, the Zojirushi EP Gourmet d’Expert Skillet lets you perform various cooking tasks with less hassle.
  • Double dish – The Zojirushi EP Gourmet d’Expert Skillet comes with two dishes – a flat dish and an electric frying dish. You can choose to deep-fry one meal with one dish and steam your cabbage or other food types with the other dish.
  • Temperature – You can pick between warming your meal at 176 degree Fahrenheit and charring it at 430 degree Fahrenheit. This awesome feature lets you select how you want your meal to be cooked.
  • Glass lid – The Zojirushi EP Gourmet d’Expert Skillet comes with a see-through lid cover, which lets you see the content underneath the cover, without having to lift the lid.


  • The Zojirushi EP Gourmet d’Expert Skillet is easy to use and a compact electric skillet.
  • It is easy to clean and it heats up quickly.
  • The Zojirushi EP Gourmet d’Expert Skillet has great design.
  • The steaming features functions without a glitch.


  • The lid does not lock tightly enough.

  1. Bella electric skillet

Another culinary gem you would want to host in your possession is the Bella electric skillet that goes as long as 12 Inch. It is a simple kitchen utensil utilized in preparing healthy family meals. With it’s cast aluminum body, user-friendly design, and non-stick surface, everything from pasta to steak can be whipped up in the deep dish, which comes with heat-resistant handles.

It has a built-in rounded heating element, which ensures the heat is continuously and evenly and spread across the frying pan. Cooking various meal types is not a problem as the bella electric skillet comes with three levels of heating, and the non-stick surface makes it easy to clean after usage. The bella electric skillet is durable and comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Cast aluminum surface
  • Non-stick surface.
  • Good thermostat to help maintain heating level.
  • Weighs up to 5 pounds.
  • Comes with heat resistant handles.


  • The bella electric skillet offers users a two years warranty on purchased product.
  • The bella electric pan is easy to clean because of it’s non-stick surface.
  • The electric skillet is made of durable material.
  • It is safe to use because of it’s heat resistant handles.


  • Not safe to immerse in water.
  • The bella electric skillet is not suitable for deep frying

  1. Cucinapro Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

The Cucinapro Electric Skillet has an impressive design that looks awesome in any kitchen it is placed. The 12-inch stainless cooking utensil is one of the rare electric skillets that do not posses a non-stick coating. It appears sturdy and durable; with it’s top-teir stainless steel surface.

The handles of the Cucinapro Electric Skillet are fixed with steel, which is cool and exciting to touch. The Cucinapro Electric pan also offers users the opportunity to see how their meal is doing by possessing a see-through tempered glass lid. In addition to it’s removable thermostat.

The pan seen in the Cucinapro Electric Skillet is safe to dish wash. Very useful in frying fish, chicken, or bacon. Awesome homemade sauté vegetables and pancakes can be prepared using the Cucinapro Electric Skillet. This electric skillet for pancakes and other tasty recipes is undeniably perfect for a family of two or more.

The Cucinapro Electric pan is one with elegance. The appearance is appealing while preparing meal for the family. You can feel proud to set it out at a party to serve dish to attendants. Health conscious individuals are often on the lookout for electric skillets with non-stick coatings and they are difficult to find these days. The Cucinapro Electric Skillet will fill that space for you. So if you’re quite finical about your health, this would surely suffice for your choice of electric skillet.

Before preparing your initial meal, you need to season the frying pan. Once the pan has been seasoned, the meal may not stick to the pan at the end of the cooking session. This Cucinapro Electric Skillet is perfect for preparing delicate dishes like chicken piccata, breaded zucchini, and others.

The Cucinapro Electric Skillet has a glass lid which has a small opening where steam escapes through. The rim of the lid is tight; well fit to prevent steam from escaping through. Cleanign up the Cucinapro Electric Skillet after usage is not difficult.

If you use oil for most dishes, the pan wipes clean when you clean it. The Cucinapro Electric Skillet is awesome at searing meat without over or undercooking it. The pan delivers a nice dark-brown gravy to lovers of such dish. If you’re weary of carrying heavy loads, the Cucinapro Electric Skillet is not too heavy not too light – it weighs moderately.


  • The Cucinapro Electric Skillet is safe to immerse in water. However, you need to detach the thermostat, and the glass lid before immersion).
  • The see-through glass lid has a huge handle with which you can grasp the lid with, without gloves nor a cotton material.
  • The temperature of the Cucinapro Electric Skillet can be modified from 200 to 400 degrees.
  • It has a mirror-like finish, which makes it appear elegant in the kitchen space.
  • The Cucinapro Electric Skillet uses up to 1,500 Watts to heat up.
  • Has a dimension of 16 x 7 x 16.2 inches.
  • The Cucinapro Electric Skillet has an instruction manual and recipe guide too.
  • The power cord is up to 53 inches long.


  • The temperature is perfect as it prevents the oil from getting soggy.
  • Cleaning the Cucinapro Electric Skillet is very easy.


  • The Cucinapro Electric Skillet pan lets the oil gathers at the center of the frying pan, and this stops the food from cooking uniformly. You have to move the food around so all the parts can get a touch of the oil and this is extra work on your side.
  • The plug could have been better placed behind the pan rather than being positioned beneath one of the handles. This makes the handle difficult to handle as the plug is covering the place one’s finger is supposed to fill-in.
  • The heating dial does not have any form of indicator to let you know what you’ve selected. It is quite difficult to tell if the heating control is on or off.

  1. Crux Electric Skillet

The crux Electric Skillet is hitting the best position with it’s user-friendly design and awesome features. The coating is non-stick and it is durable. Cleaning the crux Electric Skillet after usage is not an issue at all. You can prevent hotspots and scorching of meals by adjusting the temperature without stress.

In addition, the in-built heating element and the 360-degree heating system deliver an efficient, even heating across the pan.


  • Delivers up to 1,500 Watts of power in consumption
  • The appliance is prevented from rusting and warping because of the heavy aluminum cast it possesses.
  • The utensil has 3 dishes which aids preparation of different dishes in a moment.


  • Heats evenly.
  • The crux Electric pan is not heavy in weight.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It cannot be immersed in water for cleaning

  1. moss and stone  12 inch dual coating Electric Skillet

The moss and stone electric skillet/frying pan come in generously sized and comes with titanium-infused DuraCeramic nonstick ceramic type coating. The ceramic surface of this skillet is PTEE- and PFOA-free, this means that it won’t peel neither would it flake.

It is also very efficient, able to cook food about 30% faster when compared to your ordinary nonstick surface. The rectangular pan is large enough to prepare single-family meals easily. It features a glass lid made from tempered glass, which allows for steam out venting and variable temperature controller for user convenience.


  1. Temperature settings:

The temperature dial of the appliance has the following settings; Off, Warm, 270, 320, 370, and 420. The only challenge is that you would not be able to choose any temperature between these numbers.

  1. Large surface:

It comes with a very large surface which makes it apt for cooking large quantity of food for the entire family at one time. It has a 16 inches width, 12 inches height, and 6 inches in breadth.

  1. Cool touch handles:

While in operation you can hold the handles with naked hands. They won’t get heated regardless the temperature you set the appliance to. This is one of its safety features as children may use the appliance out of curiosity.

  1. Quickly pass heat:

It requires a short period of time for moss and stone to heat up and cook food. It is coated with high quality material which guarantees safe and secure use. You can easily cook all of your favorite dishes as heat is evenly passed throughout the skillet.

  1. Tempered glass lid for trapping heat:

moss and stone features a high tempered glass lid which helps to trap heat and moisture for optimum cooking. It allows you to check the cooking before finishing.


  1. It is built with high quality material
  2. It comes at a cheap price
  3. It features cook touch handles for a safe use
  4. It is dishwasher safe
  5. It is coated with teflon for effective use
  6. The skillet has a large surface area which saves cooking time


  1. It is very big, making storage quite difficult
  2. It comes with a pre-selected range of temperature. You may only increase or decrease in the multiple of 50 degrees

  1. Dash DRG214AQ Family Size Rapid Heat Electric Skillet

The 14″ DASH family skillet is excellent for countertop cooking and entertainment. The 14 inches pan has a 2.5 inches depth which is able to accommodate sauces, stews, stir fry and much more for a family of six members. The DASH family skillet allows you to simmer, braise, sear, scramble, and saute.

It has a PFOA-free nonstick cooking surface which makes the appliance quite easy to clean, while the removable electric probe and cord allows for easy storage. The temperature control is easy to use and adjusted to temperature as high as 450°F. The skillet also has cool touch handles which makes transport from kitchen to dinner table easy and safe.


  1. Large 20 cup capacity:

It features a 14″ cooking surface and 2.5inch depth which is able to provide 20 cups of cooking capacity. This is able to feed approximately six people. This makes it excellent for large families or when you wish to entertain guests at parties. It can be used for pancakes, burgers, stir fry, pizza, and much more.

  1. Rapid heat:

It is able to quickly heat up to 450°F in much less time compared to what it would take your stovetop or oven.

  1. Tempered glass lid:

The tempered glass lid allows users to check on meals while it is cooking. It is also properly sealed, and this helps conserve flavor and heat making it possible to serve excellent meals each and every time.

  1. Safer:

The nonstick surface of the skillet allow for a more consistent cooking and helps ease the effort that goes into cleaning. It has a cool touch handle which makes secure handling possible during and after use. Users can easily and safely transfer their meals from the kitchen to their table.

  1. Removable electric probe and cord:

It has a lightweight removable cord that is able to store neatly and provides an extra layer of safety.


  1. It features cool touch handles
  2. It has removable electric probe and cord
  3. It has a 14″ cooking surface
  4. It has a turgid PFOA-free non-stick coating


  1. There are a lot of mistakes on the instruction manual
  2. It may be challenging for beginners

Buying Guide: Things to Put Into Consideration When Buying An Electric Skillet

Electric skillet offer so many advantages and uses for any modern kitchen, but before you opt for your next electric skillet there are a couple of factors that you need to put into consideration, below are eight of such factors;

  1. Size:

Size is one of the key factors that you need to put into consideration when shopping for an electric skillet. You have to choose a size which works perfectly with your cooking requirements. Most electric skillets are bigger than those used on stoves. By and large, you have to consider the number of people you wish to cater for when cooking. If you live alone, then you can opt for a smaller model but if you plan to cook for several people, then bigger models will serve you fine.

You must also consider the space in your kitchen, whether storage or countertop. You have to take note that electric skillets are large and they tend to take up a lot of space.

  1. Shape:

Shape is another factor which is of great importance. Electric skillets come in variety of shapes, some of which include square, oblong, and circular. Ensure to select a shape which you are most comfortable in cooking with electric skillet. Oblong and square-shaped models tend to offer bigger space allowing users to take in more food as compared to circular models.

  1. Cooking style:

Depending on your interest, ensure to choose a skillet that can accommodate your specific cooking style. For instance, if you are fond of deep-frying, then it is advisable you choose a model that support a temperature as high as 450°F.

  1. High sides:

It is better to choose a model that has high sides than those without. This is because it would allow you to do deep frying, braise, and is better equipped to take in bigger servings of food. Food items that have unconventional shapes such as entire chicken or roasts would also fit in properly in a model with high sides. These high sides also allow you to be able to store a large amount of food. Aside from high sides, pans with sloping sides are also great as they allow for easy mixing.

  1. Heat resistant handle and legs:

Inspect the handle of your intended model to ensure that it is heat resistant. Heat resistant handles make cooking more convenient and they are also safer. They help eliminate the need of using mitts when using the equipment.

  1. Material:

Skillets are made from a range of materials. Most models manufactured today are made from Teflon-coated aluminum and features a nonstick layer. Stainless steel is another popular material used, although these are more expensive than the aluminum ones. Stainless steel models are usually more durable and deformation-resistant.

  1. Coverage options:

One very important feature of the skillet is the lid. These lids can either be made of glass or the exact same material as the tray. It is preferable to opt for a skillet with glass lid as this would help you monitor your food from the outside as it is being cooked. This option is not available when you choose a skillet with solid lid and every time you lift the lid to check whether the food is done a small amount of heat is lost in the process.

  1. Ease of cleaning:

This is an obvious consideration. It is important to choose a skillet that is easy to clean and maintain than those that may cause a lot of headache during cleaning. If you wish to use your dishwasher then it is advisable you choose a model that separate the thermo-control panel from the skillet. It is ideal that you are able to disconnect the AC adapter from the mains, this ensures that accidents do not occur.

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Benefit of Buying Electric Skillet

  1. Electric skillets are reputed for their ability to maintain temperature excellently. Therefore this makes them excellent for deep frying chicken, donut, pastries, potatoes, fish, and just about anything you can think of without thinking about what to cook in the electric skillet. Instead of wasting more money buying a separate deep fat fryer, an electric skillet is able to multitask and offer a better value. Besides that, you can also safeguard yourself from the hazards of gas stove by using an electric skillet instead of stoves.
  2. Electric skillet come in dimensions that makes it possible to cook large quantities of food with them without any qualms.
  3. Electric skillet share some very important features with a buffet warmer, this way they are able to keep prepared food warm and at an optimum eating temperature for as long as possible.
  4. There are a couple of dishes that are pretty temperature sensitive and would require a steady specific temperature to turn out well. An electric skillet can be such as blessing at turning such dishes into success each and every time. These appliance are apt for use when a dish requires low heat poaching. Most users who have used it with eggs or fish hardly go back to using traditional pan.
  5. Electric skillet can be used for chocolate fondue or cheese and French crepes as well , so long the heat is turned down sufficiently.
  6. Electric skillets can be helpful in places where there are no kitchens, such as a dorm. These appliance can be used for preparing meals with ease.
  7. These electric skillet for frying are an excellent alternative for times when your electric frying pan ceases to work.

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FAQ When Buying Electric Skillet

  1. Does the shape of my skillet affect the cooking space?

Of course, aside from size of your skillet it shape also influence how many food item you will be able to cook at any one time. Skillet come in a variety of shapes, this include round, square, elongated, and rectangular. Oval and rectangular-shaped skillet offer more cooking space compared to round skillets.

  1. What type of skillet is best for deep frying?

Skillets come in different sizes and maximum cooking temperature. If you intend to use your skillet primarily for deep frying of foods with unconventional shapes such as large roast and full chicken, then it is important you choose a skillet with high sides and one that can reach a temperature of at least 450°F. Skillet that can only reach 400°F can only be used for frying small items like fish.

  1. What are the cooking methods that my skillet can be used for?

Most electric skillets are able to withstand a wide range of cooking methods, below are the major ones;

  • – Sauteing: This describes using small amount of oil or grease to cook at medium or fast heat.
  • – Stir-frying: This refers to cooking with a small amount of oil or fat and stirring the food regularly.
  • -Braising: This method involves wet and dry heat. Here the food is seared at a high temperature and then covered with lid. It is then later cooked at a relatively low temperature.
  • – Pan boiling: This refers to boiling quickly without oil or fat or the process of browning the ingredients using a small amount of fat or oil.
  1. Aluminum or stainless steel skillet, which is best?

The two materials are great, it depends largely on preference and budget. Currently, most skillets are made of Teflon-coated aluminum. The advantage of such models is their affordability. Stainless steel model, on the other hand, are usually more durable and deformation-resistant, and they are also more expensive.

  1. Are skillets easy to clean?

Yes, skillets are generally easy to clean as they mostly come in nonstick coating. But some models tend to be easier to clean than others. If you wish to use your dishwasher to clean your skillet then you should opt for a model which can separate the thermo-control panel from the skillet.


From the detailed reviews of best rated electric skillet on the market given above, you must have learned a lot about electric pan skillets and you must have been properly guided at selecting the right model for your kitchen.

An electric skillet will give you a distinct advantage whenever you have an unexpected visitor in your home and you have to entertain them within a short period of time.

This appliance is a wonderful piece of cooking equipment for modern-day moms who wish to get things done quickly without having to compromise on quality.

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