Dependable toaster oven insight for every budget

Are you looking to get a new toaster oven? Or perhaps, all you need is simply a toaster or an oven… Regardless, it is crucial to make out what makes a toaster-oven distinct or different from a toaster or an oven. A toaster oven usually has the appearance of a miniature oven.

However, they are more versatile, combining the baking and warming function of a conventional oven and the toast ability of a regular toaster into one small device of delight.

In addition to these functions, toaster ovens are capable of doing much more to make your kitchen ultimate for cooking tasty recipes always. They can be used to make broils, make cookies, pizza, bagels – some manufacturers even include the function of slow cooking. Incredible, right? (I KNOW).

Toaster oven on sale makes them economic, helping you save money, space, and power. They typically use less electricity than conventional ovens.

Since you will be getting the function of two appliances in one, with even extra features, that is less money you will need to spend on additional kitchen appliances, especially if you are just setting up your home.

if you are wondering where to buy a toaster oven that performs good and comes in your budget then you have to right place.

Latest and finest Toaster oven of this year given below with links to buy at discounted rates, to read detailed best toaster oven reviews scroll down further below.

They are not all fun though, Because of their compactness, you often have to make a few sacrifices – like reducing the size of your dishes to fit into the toaster oven. This can be a big adjustment and might mean tweaking you recipes. But if you would always need to cook up large pieces of food, it is better to go for larger toaster ovens.


There are several benefits to owning a toaster oven. I will go over a few major points briefly before moving to the buying guide.

  1. It saves space: Most toaster ovens are small in size and can fit perfectly in a modern kitchen where every inch counts. You don’t want you countertop overcrowded? Get a toaster oven as you can keep toaster oven under the counter also if its compact in size.
  2. It saves power: Using a toaster oven will reduce the amount of power you will consume, compared to using an oven, what more, using an oven and a toaster separately.
  3. Versatility: Toaster ovens are highly versatile, giving you the option to cook with a lot of different functions. This helps reduce the number of appliances you need, saving space and money.
  4. More Options: Toaster oven, allows you to make dishes with better precision. For instance, you can toast a bread with its toppings in a toaster oven, but that option is not available with a conventional toaster, while you can also brown snacks and pastries to your desired color thanks to the browning ability of a toaster’s heating system which you wouldn’t have been able to control with a conventional oven.
  5. Toaster ovens are very simple and easy to use compared to an oven
  6. They usually cost much less than an oven
  7. They also offer convection cooking, which ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven.

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We all want to have the best of everything and more so, the best value for our hard-earned money – But this can be difficult to do when you have to choose a single appliance when there is a sea of manufacturers producing similar appliances. Well, not to worry, I have compiled a list of what to look for when buying a toaster-oven.

  • Timers and Alarms:

This is a very significant feature to look out for, unfortunately, many products lack a timer and an alarm. A timer is vital especially when making a toast that is getting ready within a short time – since you are mostly busy with other morning activities, you usually won’t have time to be checking on the toast, that’s when you will miss a timer and an alarm will be a savior to breakfast.

The same goes for other cooking types such as baking and broiling for which I recommend you to go for the best toaster oven for baking.

  • Versatility:

Different manufacturers include many extra features in a toaster-oven to expand the horizon of your toaster oven uses, you will have to ask yourself how much other function you need and which is vital to you because these features usually adds to the overall price of the appliance.

  • Size:

Toaster-ovens are more attractive because of their small and compact size because they don’t take so much space on the countertop in the kitchen. If you are looking to manage space, like most homeowners, you should go for more compact models.

Whereas where storage space and ease of transport is not an issue, you might decide to get a larger one that can accept larger cuts and slices of food.

  • Display:

Having a toaster oven with a good digital display will make it much easier to use and adjust its settings without getting stressed or confused.

  • Visibility:

The ability to monitor you food should be an important factor to decide which toaster-oven you choose. One with a transparent but stable door would be best. An additional thing to consider is the interior lightning. Since ovens with lighted interiors are usually more expensive, you might have to weigh your options – but for convenience, a well-lighted oven would be better.

  • Cleaning:

Yeah, what comes after enjoying that delicious piece of cake…? You have to clean up. You should consider the materials the appliance is made of, if it is dishwasher safe, if it has non-stick coatings, and so on.


Usually, the more expensive items have the best quality, but that isn’t always the case as you might have experienced. Hence, here is a list of some of the most exceptional toaster ovens in the market – Each dons a number of features discussed in the buying guide in varying proportions.


The Breville smart oven is an excellent toaster oven with multiple features which gives it a wide range of functional ability. It is slightly larger than an average-sized toaster oven but still much smaller than a conventional oven. With a sophisticated heating system that utilizes 5 quartz heating elements, regulating each to ensure precision and efficiency.

It is powered by a convention heating environment – using an inbuilt fan to distribute hot air within the oven. This ensures even distribution of heat, preventing, hardening of food and burning. It is has a silver exterior with the customary rectangular shape of a conventional oven, with three rack positions.


  1. Stainless Steel and Reinforced Glass:

Its exterior and trays are made is made of stainless steel which affords strength and makes cleaning very easy. Its door is made of reinforced glass materials that can be seen through and allows you to monitor the cooking without opening the oven. The racks and interior surface are coated with non-stick paints

  1. Digital display and Control Knob:

It features an LCD digital display with a backlight that is usually blue but changes blue once heating starts. Cool! The display shows preset cooking modes and together with the control knobs – enables you to make changes in settings, preset heating duration and temperature.

  1. Auto Shut-off and Sound Alert:

It has an extended feature of an auto shut-off which automatically stop heating once the duration on the timer is exhausted. It then starts a sound alert which notifies you that your meal is done and ready to be eaten.

  1. Smart Convection Heating:

Now this is uncommon, the smart oven features a convention heating system – as opposed to just radiation – that ensures the even distribution of heat around the oven by passing hot hair with a fitted fan.

It also regulates the temperature among 5 quartz heating elements which guarantees precision, ensuring that individual meals are adequately catered to that’s why I suggest you should buy the best toaster oven with convection like this one as it helps to increase the usage of a toaster oven for different types of food preparations easily.

  1. Lighted Interior:

Its interior lights up on opening the oven’s door and shuts off once it is closed. This allows you to observe your food much more easily without straining your eyes and with minimal effort.

  1. Auto-eject Rack:

With small magnetic lining on the walls of the racks, the trays pop out with a satisfying click once the oven door opens and you can just pull out the tray and get on with you day.

  1. Versatile:

It is a highly versatile oven, equipped with multiple functions and features that makes it flexible for multiple cooking purposes. Besides being an oven and making toasts, it can also be used for slow cooking.

  1. Weight, Dimensions and Rated Power:

The oven is larger than user and consequently weighs considerably more. It has a weight of 22.5 pounds with a dimension of 18.5 x 16.2 x 11.2 inches. It has a rated power of 1800 watts – which is quite cool and affords the oven increased versatility and effectiveness.

  1. Others:

The toaster oven is packed with a number of accessories including a pizza pan, a baking pan and a broil rack. It also crumb tray, which collects crumbs and water droplets.


  • It is very efficient and heats up food quickly and does so with precision and evenness
  • It is highly versatile being able to perform multiple functions effectively
  • It is very easy and convenient to use
  • It affords a lot of comfort with its automations
  • It is very easy to clean, and the trays are dishwasher safe


  • It is quite large and may take up more space than planned
  • It is not very durable. Customers have reported degrading materials after about one year of use
  • It is quite expensive


The Panasonic name is widely popular in making household appliances and you can always trust that you will be getting a great quality for your money. The toaster oven is compact and light, hence you can fit it into the most convenient spot in the often limited kitchen space. It has a good power output as well with a double infrared heating system.


  1. Compact and light:

The flashxpress toaster oven is very compact and weighs just 7.5 pounds. This is good news to anyone who is looking to manage cooking space, although the compactness also mean it can only take limited sizes of food.

  1. Double infrared heating:

It features a custom heating system with two quartz or ceramic heaters – with one in front and the other on the back – which supplies heat via radiation to the trays mounted on racks. The dual heating components ensures thorough and even heating. The interior is small so, it doesn’t require a heat distribution system to work efficiently.

  1. Digital Timer with Touch-Button Control:

Under a row of touch buttons, you can find an LCD digital display. This features enable you to shuffle through preset modes, set cooking duration and observe it all with the digital display.

  1. Instant Heat:

The double infrared heater is very efficient capable of cooking up food 40% faster than regular cooker and eliminates the need to preheat the toaster oven as it heats up instantly.

  1. Auto shut-off and Reminder:

The oven stops heating automatically once the cooking duration you set is over and starts beeping to let you know that your food is ready.

  1. Weight, Dimension and Rated Power:

Being super light and compact, the Panasonic toaster oven has a dimension of 13 x 12 x 10.2 inches and weighs just 7.5 pounds. It has a rated power of 1300 watts makes this toaster oven low wattage easy on your electricity bill.

  1. Others:

It comes with a crumbs/drip tray. It also has a fixed bulb on the interior that allows you to monitor your meal via the see-through door without having to open it.


  • Its compactness and light weight makes it portable and safes space on the kitchen counter
  • It is very efficient, assuring evenly made meals
  • It is quite versatile
  • It is very durable and comes with a year’s warranty
  • It is very easy and convenient to use
  • It is easy to clean


  • It is quite expensive especially when compared to the toaster oven of similar features
  • It has a limited cooking room for food


This particular toaster oven from black + decker boast of a wide interior with enough room to fit a 12 inch pizza or even a whole chicken. It comes with a number of trays and a pan with a see-through cover. It features a heating system with convention baking, which circulates hot air through the toaster oven to ensure even distribution of heat. Let’s take a look at some of is more peculiar features.


  1. Auto Shut-off Timer:

The toaster oven is equipped with an auto shut-off timer that seeks to reduce the users stress and save time with cooking. Its timer can be preset for up to 120 minutes which turns off the appliance once the time has ran out.

  1. Wide Interior:

Brilliantly designed, the black + decker convention toaster oven affords the user enough room to make adequate quantities of food at once. It has a curved interior which while saving space on the outside, makes sure that there is enough space inside the oven to fit in dishes of varying sizes. You can also fit the rack into two separate positions, hence, even more room can be made in the vertical orientation.

  1. Digital and One-touch control:

With its digital display panel and series of buttons – you can easily switch between preset operating modes, track temperature, set a timer and a load of other abilities made simple and possible by the one-touch controls.

  1. Convection Heating:

Mostly because of its extended exterior, heat from the heating element might just not be enough to achieve the desired overall quality of the dish being prepared… Not to mind though, the manufacturer has thoughtfully equipped it with a fan that circulates heat with convection – ensuring that there is equal and adequate distribution of heat across the toaster oven.

  1. Bake, Broil, Toast and More:

Black decker countertop convection heaters enables you to make a wide variety of dishes with your machine. You can bake a cake, broil or even make a toast. With its versatility, you can be sure you are getting the best value for you money – especially at its price.

  1. Weight and Dimension:

Getting into the specifics, the toaster oven, weighs 15.76 pounds. It has a dimension of 22.8 x 13.4 x 15.5 inches.


  • It is a very efficient toaster and oven with an excellent heating system
  • It is very easy to use, thanks to its one-touch dial control panel
  • It is super easy to clean, with its trays and pan being dishwasher friendly
  • It is very affordable
  • It is quite versatile and flexible
  • It is a lasting and durable toaster oven


  • Its size may make it difficult to store, especially if you need to save space on the kitchen countertop


The kitchenAid toaster-oven is a 13 inch stainless machine of delight. It has a convection heating system installed and has an extensive accessory list. It features a usual digital display with control knob and preset heating modes. It boasts of 9 pre-programmed functions including making a quick bread toast for breakfast. Its more characteristic features include:


  1. Convection Mode:

It has a highly efficient heating process, with heating elements generating the heat within the oven and an installed fanning system circulating the heat to ensure even distribution of heat and prevent hardening of food.

  1. Digital Display and Control Knobs:

The oven is control and can be regulated through two control knobs surrounded by different options to maximize your cooking experience and ensure you get as much precision over the control of the cooking process. The upper knob controls the pre-programmed cooking mode and enables you to choose out of the 9 options. It also features a digital display panel.

  1. Timer:

In addition to enabling you give precise cooking instruction, the machine also has an inbuilt timer that you can set for as long as 120 minutes – the timer cuts off the heating once the duration has been exhausted to help prevent overcooking or burning.

  1. Pans and Racks:

The package includes  two stainless steel racks, a broil pan, and a crumb tray – all made of stainless, making sure it is easy to clean and dishwasher.

  1. Weight, Dimension and Rated Power:

It has a rather heavy weight of 35 pounds, and a rated power of 1800 watts. It has a dimension of 16.4 x 18.5 x 13 inches.


  • It is very versatile, capable of cooking under 9 different modes
  • It is very efficient and would make evenly cooked dishes
  • It is super easy to clean, with its pan and trays coated with non-stick
  • It is quite easy to learn to use
  • It is also very convenient to use as well thanks to its digital interface and automation
  • It has a lot of room, able to fit two, 12 inches pizzas.


  • It is quite expensive
  • For its price, it turns out to be not so durable, often breaking down after its first year of use
  • It is quite large and can take a lot of space


A beautiful machine with all round sleekness, donned in black stainless steel. Don’t be fooled though – this sleek toaster oven doesn’t come cheap. It is portable, yet it gives you enough room to make a chicken roast or a 12 inches pizza. Manufactured by Cephalon, a popular kitchen appliance manufacturer, who you can count on for quality.


  1. Quartz Heating Element:

Rather than employing a convectional heating tube, the Cephalon toaster oven is endowed with a quartz heating element that promises to deliver 40% more heat – hence, affording it more functions than its counterpart.

  1. Built-in Interior Light:

Along with its sleekness, the manufacturers include a light bulb inside to oven to ease your convenience of cooking. The light enables you to monitor the cooking process without having to open the door and pull out the trays or even disrupt the temperature.

  1. Versatility:

This toaster oven, in addition to making delectable toast quickly, it can also help you with 10 other equally significant functions, including, baking, broiling, bagel roast, defrost, warm, reheat, cookies and to dehydrate food – The total package worth of your money.

  1. Accessories:

The Cephalon toaster oven comes with a number of accessories to aid your cooking, these include – a baking pan, a pizza pan which makes it best toaster oven for pizza making, a dehydrator rack and a wire/mesh rack.

  1. LCD Display:

It also features a high contrast LCD display that help to manage cooking settings, monitor temperature and other programmable items.

  1. Weight, Dimension and Rated Power:

The product weighs 24.1 pounds and has a dimension of 18.7 x 15.8 x 11.6.


  • It is a highly versatile toaster oven
  • It works efficiently well, delivering 40% more heat without requiring much time to pre-heat
  • It is quite easy to clean with most parts being made of stainless
  • It has a great aesthetic view and would stand gracefully in any kitchen counter
  • It is highly durable
  • It is easy and convenient to use


  • It is quite expensive
  • It lacks a timer and an alarm
  • It lacks a convection heating system


With its silver exterior and well lighted interior, the elite toaster has a breathtaking look. It features round dials working panel with different pre-programmed cooking modes. It is packed with 4 independent stainless steel trays – and at a super affordable price.

It has been praised by previous users to be durable and effective that’s why people across the world have called it the best toaster oven under $130 for them. It features include:


  1. Convection Heating:

The elite toaster oven has a rated power of 1800 watts to ensure adequate heat output and together with its convection heating, it makes an incredibly efficient machine, capable of a wide range of functions while still delivering perfect result in each mode.

  1. Round large dials:

It features 4 large round dials that shows all the functions, programmable modes, temperature settings and other such things that allows you control and precision of the machine. Its dials have very good markings to help to know the right functions and use to make great tasting fully cooked dishes and recipes always – bringing greater convenience with greater taste.

  1. Large Cooking Space:

The toaster oven has a large and adequate room for making a wide varieties of dishes. It is capable of taking in 6 slices of bread, 4 bagel slices and a 13-inch pizza, each at once. This large toaster oven also has three rack positions, which allows you to shuffle and expand cooking space.

  1. Weight, Dimension and Rated Power:

The device is fairly light, weighing about 23.3 pounds. It has a rated power of 1800 watts which ensures it can generate as much heat as needed – With a dimension of 21.06 x 15.55 x 13.98 inches.


  • It is very affordable and comes French styles double door design for easy working with dishes
  • Its convection ensures even circulation of heat to make perfect dishes
  • It is very easy to clean since its trays and pans are stainless and dishwasher safe
  • It is very efficient and heats up swiftly without needing to be pre-heated.
  • It is convenient and easy to use
  • It affords a lot of cooking room and still saves space on the kitchen counter
  • It is highly versatile, having 9 pre-programmed cooking modes
  • Along with its durability, it also have a pleasant design


  • It lacks good insulation so area near it might become warm or hot after prolonged use


Just like its name suggests, the dash toaster oven is very compact and light – easy to store and move. With dash, you don’t have to worry about fitting it into a space on the counter. It has a very cute and retro look to it with very simple controls – it is available black color.

It is a very good and thoughtful appliance to be sent as a present to a loved one, simple and versatile. Its features include:


  1. Precise and Simple Control:

The dash compact toaster oven, has a very simple control that allows give precise cooking instruction and configure appropriate settings – using just two dials. You can switch between cooking functions or regulate temperature settings.

  1. Versatility:

In addition to baking and making toast, the compact toaster oven, affords other functions that seeks satisfy your cooking needs. It can make bagels, pizzas, paninis and even cookies.

  1. Accessories:

It is packaged with a number of accessories including a year’s warranty, a baking tray, an oven rack, a crumb tray and even a recipe book!

  1. Weight, Dimension and Rated Power:

Being super light and compact, the toaster oven weighs only 10.58 pounds with a dimension of 11.8 x 15 x 8.9 inches. Taking as little room on your counter space.


  • It is very affordable
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It is simple to wash and is dishwasher friendly
  • It has a decent efficiency and would make great toast and a few other functions
  • It is very durable
  • It is compact, saves space and easy to move around


  • It lacks a display control
  • It lacks a timer and alarm
  • Its lack of automation makes cooking more time consuming
  • It lacks a convection heating system
  • It lacks interior lightning


The Cuisinart toaster oven has shown a high performance capacity for its size and price. It has a rated power of 1800 watts, in line with the general power rating of high performing ovens. It is versatile and efficient, capable of making a good toast within a few minutes – as well as loads of other functions such as baking, broiling, making pizza and keeping food warm or rewarming food. It has an average size – you don’t’ have to worry about space to keep it on the counter, yet it has enough room to make large-sized dishes at once.


  1. Easy to Clean:

The Cuisinart toaster oven is very easy to clean with its trays and racks being dishwasher safe. Its crumb tray is front removable to ease wiping and cleaning it out – as opposed to ejecting it from behind. The non-detachable parts can just be cleaned by simple wiping, since the entire interior is pretty much coated with non-stick paint.

  • Auto Slide-out rack:

It features auto slide-our racks that simply ejects automatically, thanks to the installed magnets on the walls of the racks. This makes removing your food much easier, not to talk of the cheer coolness.

  • Cool-Touch Grip and Dial Control:

It has a cool-touch handle that makes gripping and handling trays convenient and reduce the risk of the trays slipping or falling. It has a simple dial control – which is used to set the temperature and choose the cooking mode and function.

  • Versatility:

It is also quite versatile, although it wouldn’t get you 13 or even 11 different functions, it is still able to hold its own especially for its price – allowing you to: toast, bake, broil, make bagels, pizzas and rewarm food. If you love air fryers and toaster oven both but don’t have space to keep these 2 separate appliances in your kitchen then you can check out one of my favorite toaster oven with air fryer from reputed Cuisinart brand right Here with discount deals.

  • Weight, Dimension and Rated Power:

It weighs 15.45 pounds, with a rated power of 1800 watts. It has a dimension of 16 x 18.5 x 10.8 inches.


  • It is very efficient and is capable of delivery enough heat in precise control to ensure a perfect dish
  • It is very easy to clean
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It is quite versatile as well
  • It is made of high quality materials


  • It lacks a timer and a reminder
  • It lacks an interior light
  • It lacks a convection heating system
  • Customers have reported deteriorating functions after some time of use


The Oster toaster oven has a large appearance with little attention to aesthetics, the toaster conveys ruggedness – as if promising to serve a family for generations. It is not very cheap but its cost is still minimal and more affordable, compared to high end oven toasters. It sports a one-touch button control with a small digital display at the top of a row of buttons. It has a convection heating configuration as well. Its features are discussed below:


  1. Convection heating system:

Like many high end toaster oven, the oster has a convection heating system that circulates heated air around the oven to ensure that each region gets adequate heat and your dishes are made to perfection.

  1. Versatility:

It possesses a fair variety of functions, allowing you make broil at a wide range of temperature to ensure adequate browning and melting; it allows you to make bread toasts, bake, and warm food stuffs.

  1. Interior Lights:

Its interior is furnished with lightning, which increases convenient on your part and makes it easy to observe and monitor the food contents while it is baking, broiling or warming.

  1. One-touch operation:

It features, one-touch operations, to switch cooking function modes, adjust temperature settings – all the process which you can monitor with the digital display just above the buttons.

  1. Accessories:

It comes with such accessories as a baking pan, a removable crumb tray and a tray.

  1. Weight, Dimension and Rated Power:

It has a fairly heavy weight of 20.3 pounds and would certainly occupy significant space with a dimension of 16.3 x 19.7 x 11.3 inches – but it makes up for this by giving you enough room to prepare large sized dishes and making toasts at faster rates. It has a rated power of 1300 watts, though this limits the maximum heat it can generate, it consumes less power.


  • It is relatively affordable
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It is quite efficient and it ensures even distribution of heat
  • It is easy to clean and convenient to use
  • It has a large interior capacity, capable of accepting large slices and pieces of food
  • It is quite durable


  • It is quite large and may take more storage space on the counter
  • It lacks a timer and a reminder


The hamilton beach toaster oven has a very simple design with three control dials. It has a unique design that uses a roll-top door instead of the conventional vertical doors. It has a convection heating system as well. It is a more affordable alternative to more expensive counterparts, other than the facts that most of its features are dialed down, it offers just as much as more expensive toaster oven do. Don’t believe me? Check out these features –


  1. Convection Heating System:

You know all about this by now. The Hamilton beach toaster oven brings you this feature to ensure that your meals are properly and evenly cooked, for a lesser price.

  1. Easy Access to Food:

The roll-top door, gives you an easier access to your meals and prevents spillage.

  1. Easy to Clean:

Other than the fact that it is mostly made of stainless steel, the crumb tray is featured in front of the oven for easier access, equipped with a grip that makes grasping and turning easy.

  1. Timer and Auto shut-off:

The cooker features a timer and an auto shut-off to ease your cooking process.

  1. Weight, Dimension and Rated Power: It weighs 14 pounds and has a dimension of 15 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches.


  • It is very affordable
  • It easy to clean
  • It is simple to use
  • It affords you a lot of convenience
  • It is efficient and helps gives you precise control
  • It has a fairly large internal space


  • It lacks a display
  • It lacks interior lightning
  • It can only take one tray at once as it lacks racks

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FAQs for buying a toaster oven


That would depend on the model and the temperature of you intend to cook with. The foil may increase the temperature of the system and in turn affect your meal. To check ideal cooking temperature for different food items read this food safety ideal temperature chart for healthy cooked meals always.


Depending on the particular type you have, you may be able to use a dishwasher, but if it’s not safe with it, a simple wipe with a damp cloth would do. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or any harsh substance on your trays, pans and the interior of the oven as this may damage the protective coatings painted over it.


You just insert your bread on the rack, close the door, change the timer to toast and turn on the temperature. You can go through the oven’s manual for more information.


Mostly best toaster oven brands provide their own pans and trays to be used with the toaster oven, but not in all cases, some manufacturer might require you to buy one separately.

How can i reheat a pizza in my toaster oven?

Its easy process the reheat the pizza in toaster oven, all you have to do is place a foil on baking tray and put it in the preheat setting at 450 F then once its hot place the pizza in tray and cook for 10 minutes to make your pizza hot and crispy, back to its glory once again.

Can toaster oven be used for baking purpose?

toaster oven can be used for baking all kinds of food items present at home easily ranging from cakes, cookies, dessert  to vegetables like potato’s, asparagus etc. and normal food stuff like steak, meat, chicken etc.

for baking you need put the toaster oven in baking settings at cooking temps from 300 to 450 depending on type of food you are baking then pre heat for 10 minutes and then set the timer for baking the dish and start the oven for baking tasty dishes always.

What all things can be made in toaster oven?

Its an all in one kind of appliance which allows you to cook lot of things in it from toasting bread, dehydrating and many more. some of the common uses are as follows:

Making toast bread

spread some butter and cheese along with some spices on the bread and then place the bread slices for 5 minutes in cooking rack to get nice toasts ready within minutes. place the oven 300 F settings for making tasty crunchy toasts.

Baking cookies and cakes

Toasted oven is a great appliance for making all kinds of toasted cookies and oven baked cakes easily in your toaster if you like to enjoy home made cookies and cake regularly then toaster oven is one of the appliance you should buy now to make your work of cooking easy.

steak broiling 

steak broiling is very common among toaster oven owners these days. all you have to do is marinate the steak with your recipe ingredients then heat up the broiling pan for 5 minutes after applying some butter into it then put the steaks and and all the food items in the pan for cooking for about 10 minutes, make sure your oven is set on broil settings.

What’s the major difference between toaster oven and microwave?

Microwave uses electromagnetic waves to heat all the food at single go which makes heating and cooking food faster in microwave when compared to toaster oven which heats going from outside to inside slowly and steadily.

toaster oven warms up the air inside the chamber for roasting, toasting and baking purposes. it is done by heating the heating element inside for cooking all the evenly at all times.

Toaster oven can be used for baking cookies, reheating pizza, broiling steaks, making quick dishes unlike microwave ovens which people majorly use for reheating food and defrosting the food purpose only.

since cooking time in toaster oven is more that’s why it takes little bit extra energy than microwave for cooking food in it but both appliances being energy star rated are made to consume very less energy and do their jobs efficiently without hassle.

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