Photo Roundup: May 2012

cocktail at bouchon bistro

Okay, so May happened all of a sudden. Were you aware of this? I totally missed the memo.

From my end, May was mostly a blur of food, mini-vacations and work. And apparently a lot of fancy drinks. That might explain the blur…

Since I haven’t been in the kitchen nearly enough lately, I’ll bombard you with photos instead!

The first outing of the month was A la Carte Art in Mountain View – a festival of art (no way), music, and general foodery. It also happened to be Cinco de Mayo, so the hubs and I kicked the day off with tamales, tacos and margaritas.

food at a la carte art

We walked around, corn in hand, and checked out some of the crafts.

a la carte art

a la carte art

Things got pretty meta, bro.


a la carte art

a la carte art

And Josh got pretty… Joshy.

josh the explorer

Then it was back to work; nothing fun to show there.

Next up: a weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe where we met up with Josh’s mom.

lake tahoe

tulips in front of the cabin

I made her favorite breakfast item: maple roasted bacon. I threw some other things on the plate for good measure.

breakfast in tahoe

Caesar waited very patiently for his portion, as always.


lake tahoe

I’d like to tell you that we lounged by the beach, but we mostly played pool and gambled in the nearby casinos. You know, typical Tahoe things.

playing pool

montbleu casino in tahoe

A trip to the arcade was also in order. Yes, my husband and I are very much still children.

gaming in tahoe

trees in tahoe

I really have no words for either of these things.

strange things in tahoe

I do have words for this, however: YUM. So I guess just one word.

grilled cheese

lake tahoe

After Tahoe, I had one day to unpack, catch up on things, and clean my whole house… AHG. The day after that I was off to pick my mom up from the airport for a short visit. She’d never been to San Francisco, and somehow neither of us had ever been to Napa, so we had a LOT to do in a few days.

The afternoon she arrived was spent lunching in Mountain View, and cooking dinner at home.

Full day #1: San Francisco.

First stop was lunch at Fresca in Pacific Heights. Again, YUM. Also… a yoda pen.

fresca, san francisco

We spent a good amount of time checking out the stores in Pacific Heights.

shopping in pacific heights

shopping in pacific heights

I tried my best not to empty my bank account at Mudpie, my favorite place to acquire things for spoiling my nephew.

mudpie, san francisco

After driving around a bit we made our way to Twin Peaks.

twin peaks, san francisco

It was windy!

mom at twin peaks, san francisco


me at twin peaks, san francisco

After some more driving, a stop in The Mission, and some more driving to pick Josh up at the train station, it was time for dinner at Aziza.

Holy hell. The drinks.

cocktails at aziza, san francisco

The food.

aziza, san francisco

aziza, san francisco

aziza, san francisco

aziza, san francisco

Just… wow.

We came home and collapsed. Then it was up early the next morning for the drive to Napa! Yountville, to be exact.

Lunch (FINALLY) at Bouchon Bistro. I’ve said “YUM” too many times by now, haven’t I? Oh well. YUM.

This was my first time at a Thomas Keller establishment, and it won’t be my last. Perfection, as expected.

bouchon bistro, yountville

We ate our last California foie gras…

foie gras at bouchon bistro

asparagus salad at bouchon bistro

roasted chicken at bouchon bistro

For lunch-dessert (that’s a thing), we went next door to Bouchon Bakery. It was really hard to not just say “I’ll have one of everything!”

bouchon bakery, yountville

We checked out the town.



I drooled over The French Laundry garden for a while.

french laundry garden

french laundry garden

A long while (sorry mom)…

french laundry garden

And I drooled over The French Laundry itself. One day…

the french laundry

There was time to visit one winery before traffic would get real on the way back.

stag's leap winery

stag's leap winery

stag's leap winery

Aaaand then back to Mountain View; back to work. And now it’s June?

…Time to get in the kitchen!

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  1. Mom says:

    Thank you Brittany for a wonderful visit, memorable food experiences, fantastic wine and, of course, the pleasure of spending quality time with you and Josh! Great photos!

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