Water Filter Pitcher-LOWEST PRICE DEALS

Are you absolutely sure that the water you and your family are drinking is perfectly healthy for them? Water is one of the most important necessities for every living thing, hence clean drinking water is an essential that cannot be gambled with.

It is important that you use the best filtration techniques to protect your family from any form of water prone diseases.

water filter pitchers are one of the most effective and easiest ways to filter drinking water and keep it safe from harmful microorganisms and soluble impurities which may cause harm to your health.

Hey folks, are you in a hurry to buy a water filter pitcher for yourself in this year and beyond then look no further and buy from below list of best water filter pitcher at discount now. If you are interested in reading some features about them then scroll down below:

If you are in search of a reliable and dependable water filter pitcher and want to know what water filter pitcher is best, then below is a review of the best water filter pitcher that money can buy with a discount from amazon where you can also check top water filter pitcher ratings easily given by lot of other peoples;

  1. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher: Effective for daily use

Manufactured in the United States, the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is made from 100% recyclable food grade materials. These materials are 100% approved by the FDA. The filter is highly effective at removing contaminants in water, giving you high-quality water. The filter is made with durability and sustainability in mind.

One advantage that this model has over its competitors is that its filters are more durable than those of its competitors. These filters can typically last three to four times longer than those of the competitors. The filters are also very effective at removing contaminants such as chlorine, mercury, fluoride, chloramines, and chromium.

The filters are able to remove contaminants from water while leaving healthy minerals like magnesium and calcium, thereby giving the water a better taste and making it more healthy.

The filter is recyclable, this means that if the filter needs to be changed, you can simply contact the manufacturer to send what is termed a Return Shipping Label. This can be used the filter back for recycling.


  1. Highly effective:

The filter is highly effective, able to remove 2000% more contaminants than Brita. It removes Fluoride, Chlorine, Mercury, Chloramines, Lead, and Chromium. It uses a five-stage filter which uses 2 micron pores, which also comes with a lead/fluoride filter helping to protect you and your family from contaminants which can easily be missed by other filters. The filter is able to do this while still able to retain trace minerals such as magnesium and calcium in the water.

  1. Filter longevity:

The water filter use a cartridge filter which is able to filter up to 150 gallons of water. This simply means that one cartridge will last between 2-3 months, depending on how much water you consume. You have to change the filter once it is used.

They are recyclable, so the manufacturer will help you with this. All you need to do is send the company an email requesting a return shipment label and they will make sure the filter is properly recycled.

  1. Pitcher capacity:

The pitcher comes with a capacity of 8 cups or 0.5 gallons. It is not so large, therefore you will have to refill it once or twice every day. When the filter cartridge is new, the pitcher will get full faster. But after close to a month of use, it would take between 2-3 hours to filter the same volume of water.

One good thing about this pitcher is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. If the pitcher comes with any defects or it breaks without any cause of yours, you will get a free replacement.


  1. The unit and the filters are durable, hence they can be used for a very long time
  2. If the pitcher arrives with any defects or breaks while in use, you can get a free replacement when you contact the manufacturer
  3. It is one of the most effective filters when it comes to screening fluoride. It is able to remove up to 90% of fluoride in your water source


  1. The filter has a slow filling time which even gets slower as filters are being used
  2. The pitcher has a maximum capacity of 0.5 gallons. This is quite small and should be increased for better efficiency
  3. It does not have any kind of feature to remind users to change the filter.

  1. Brita Pitchers Water filter quality Pitcher

With the BPA free Brita 10 cup water pitcher, you can enjoy great tasting, healthier tap water. Brita adopts an advanced filter technology which takes out the taste and odor of chlorine to give a amazing tasting water that is without copper, mercury, and cadmium impurities, that is able to adversely damage health over a period of time.

It is quite easy to refill, thanks to the pitcher’s flip top lid and with just a glance at the sticker filter indicator, you will be able to know when it is time for a replacement of the Brita filter. The large pitcher comes with one long-lasting water filter which is expected to be changed after every 120 gallons or around 6 months for great results.


  1. Large water pitcher:

The pitcher comes at a height 10.47″, width 5.59″, length 10.94″, weight 2.29lbs. Despite its size the pitcher is relatively easy to pour and refill. It fits easily on refrigerator shelves and is excellent for families.

  1. Cleaner and great tasting:

It comes with a BPA free Brita filter that is able to reduce both the taste and odor of chlorine, copper, zinc, mercury, and cadmium impurities which is typically found in tap water, achieving a cleaner, excellent tasting water.

  1. Filter change reminder:

The filter features a status indicator which notifies users on when they need to replace their water filter. This helps ensure optimum performance.

  1. Reduce waste:

The filter helps to cut down on waste as a single long lasting filter is able to replace 900 standard 16.9 ounce water bottles. This helps to keep you hydrated, reduce plastic waste, as well as save you money.

  1. Long lasting:

The filter has three times longer life than forty gallon filters, including the standard Brita filter. You are expected to change the filter every six months or after every 120 gallons.


  1. It is made with durable plastic
  2. It has an elegant design
  3. It is lightweight


  1. Some users claim it is just an odor remover

  1. life ionizer Water Filter Pitcher

If you are someone who cares strongly about what they drink, then you must choose the Clearly Filtered Pitcher. It is currently one of the best, if not the best, purifying pitcher on the market right now. it has undergone more test than most other filters. It was independently tested to five different NSF standards; 42, 53, 244, 401, and 473.

This ensures that more than 220 possible contaminants can be removed, this includes chlorine (99.9%), about a dozen pharmaceutical drugs (99.9%), chloramine (99.9%), fluoride (96.9%-98.2%), Lead (99.5%), E.coli (99.9%), dozens of pesticides and herbicides, and chemicals such as nitrate, BPA, and PFOA (>97%). Meanwhile, it is able to keep healthy minerals in the water, adding to the recommended daily requirement.

Aside from this, the pitcher is easy to refill and use. This small water filter pitcher is able to hold the standard 8 cups of filtered water, enough for small families.

The pitcher comes with a 90-days satisfaction guarantee. This way, you can send the pitcher back and request a full refund if you don’t like it. Also, if the pitcher breaks under no fault of yours, Clearly Filtered will have it replaced for free.


  1. Guaranteed contaminant reduction:

The Clearly Filtered pitcher has undergone several independent test and has been verified by EPA-accredited laboratories and measured against NSF standards for guaranteed contaminant reduction.

  1. Satisfaction guarantee:

After purchasing a Clearly Filtered product, you are promised a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the first 90 days. If you do not like it, you are free to return it and ask for a refund.

  1. Quick and easy setup:

The filter can be set up quite easily without the need to call a professional. It is an excellent way to make some savings.

  1. Zero maintenance:

Aside from filter replacements  and a bit of cleaning here and there, this filter requires no special maintenance

  1. VIP filter program:

When you enroll in this program, you enjoy the benefit of having your replacement filters for your pitcher or under sink system shipped automatically to you. Aside from being convenient, you also enjoy a 15% discount plus free shipping.

  1. Reliable customer service:

They have very reliable customer service. They are quick to respond, helpful and knowledgeable.


  1. It helps provide great tasting water
  2. It thoroughly filters water
  3. NSF tested against major Standards 42, 53, 244, 401, and 473
  4. All essential minerals are preserved
  5. It is 100% BPA free
  6. It is very simple to use
  7. It is easy to assemble
  8. The filters last very long
  9. Filters can be replaced quickly
  10. It requires less maintenance


  1. It is quite pricey
  2. Some users complain about the filters clogging up quickly, thereby reducing flow
  3. Some customers received pitchers with broken handle

  1. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

The Epic Pure Water Filter pitcher is able to transform an average ordinary tap water into clean and extraordinary water. Since water is life, it is only expected that you and your family deserve the best of it. The Epic Pure Water filter enable you to drink with confidence, based on the face that it has been rigorously tested by several independent labs and it has been proven to remove more than 200+ known water contaminants, these includes heavy metals like mercury and lead, herbicide, pesticides, fluoride, trace pharmaceuticals, and volatile organic compounds which other filters cannot or does not touch.


  1. Triple capacity filters:

It comes with high quality solid coconut carbon filters which is able to produce more than 150 gallons of fresh, clean, and healthy water. It is able to last three times more than your standard Brita filters and four times longer than Zerowater, ensuring maximum lifetime savings. It also comes with a digital filter indicator which informs you of when you have to change filters, thereby taking out guesswork.

  1. Smart space saving design:

Space is highly essential, hence the Epic Pure Water filter is designed in a way that it fits quite easily into most refrigerators while still large enough to hold sufficient filtered water. It can comfortably hold water for a family of five, helping to eliminate the waste of single use plastic bottled water.

  1. Rigorous independent testing:

The Epic Pure Water Pitcher Filter has been independently tested in different labs both in the United States and other countries. The filter has been confirmed to remove more than 200 popular contaminants against four different NSF/ANSI water filtration standards for the removal of Fluoride, Chlorine, Heavy metals, Trace pharmaceuticals, and organic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and VOCs.

  1. Economical:

It has reputation of being one of the most economical water filter pitcher on the market. The pitcher is able to save your family tremendous money as well as lessen the impact of single use plastic bottles on the environment. This gives 3x the capacity of any leading gravity-based water filter pitcher.

  1. Selective filtration:

The pitcher comes with a selective filtration technology that helps to retain naturally occurring minerals which are beneficial to the body, providing a more delicious water. Some of these minerals include Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Chloride, and Magnesium.


  1. It efficiently removes up to 99.9% of contaminants
  2. It has an ergonomic unit
  3. It produces excellent tasting and healthier water
  4. It has inexpensive filters
  5. It is affordable
  6. It is durable


  1. It has a manual opening
  2. The design could be better

  1. PUR DS1811Z Ultimate Water filter Dispenser

Although tap water may look clean, it can still contain contaminants that are potentially harmful which may be picked as water travels through aging pipes. PUR filters features MAXION technology which helps to reduce contaminants. The MAXION Filter technology is a mark of superior innovation and performance. It uses activated carbon and ion exchange to help reduce the level of contaminants than most other brands.

It is designed in a sleek and slim form, which makes it simple to store in small spaces within your refrigerator. The pitcher has a special replacement tray which helps to equally distribute its weight, making it a lot easier to hold. It filters has been proven to remove twice as many contaminants than most competitors.

The filter is able to last for more than forty gallons of water. This way, you really do not have to worry about running out of refined water when you are having those huge family dinners or guest evenings.


  1. It is able to hold 18 8-oz cups of great tasting, healthier water
  2. It is able to remove an average of 96% trace levels of pharmaceuticals
  3. It has a slim, space-saving design which makes it apt for refrigerator shelves
  4. The water filter is able to produce as much as 40 gallons of water
  5. It can be refilled easily as it fits quite comfortably in the sink


  1. It reduces the bad odor of water besides enhancing the taste which makes it best water filter pitcher for taste
  2. It has an excellent price-to-quality ratio
  3. It takes just a few seconds to carry out filtration
  4. The cost of replacement filters and kit is very affordable


  1. Some users complain about leaking of filter
  2. Unsatisfied customer service

  1. pH REPLENISH Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher: great ph balance pitcher

Invigorated Water, the brand behind the phReplenish, is an internationally reputed team that focuses on promoting positive health by providing clean water and clean water supplies to all. The pitcher comes with a huge filter capacity which holds an incredible 1700cups or 105 gallons of water. So if the average person drinks 8 cups of water each day, it would take two people 106 days and for four people 53 days when using this filter.


  1. Various uses:

It offers a variety of functions. Aside from providing alkaline water, the product is apt for making variety of fruit infused water recipes, hot and iced coffee along with tea, and can also be used to make wine, mix juice cocktails etc

  1. good design:

It has a unique and aesthetic design. It is slim and easy to use, able to fit in most of the fridge door bars.

  1. Wide range of temperatures:

It is able to resist temperatures between -40°C to 400°C, plus it comes with thermal resistance for up to 150°C, making it ideal for all kinds of cold-hot drinks.

  1. good choice of making material:

It is made from borosilicate glass. It has a non-porous, anti-stick, surface that is easy while cleaning. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. It is also nonflammable and is environment-friendly.


  1. It produces molecular-sized structured ionized water while increasing pH
  2. It reduces the negative potential of water, producing water high in antioxidant neutralizing free radicals.
  3. It improves the taste and odor of water
  4. It helps in the remineralization of water, adding calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, lithium, and selenium.
  5. It removes fluoride, chloramine, chlorine, arsenic, aluminum, tin, chromium and other heavy metals from water


  1. Some users complain that water taste bad the morning after you fill the container
  2. Some user complain about the crystal being too thin that it may likely break

  1. Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Pitcher

The Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher is your passport to enjoying healthy and clean alkaline water right in the comfort of your home. It is able to fit into your refrigerator without any challenge. You will enjoy mineral-rich alkaline water that will balance the pH of your body ensuring that your organs work smoothly.

Minerals are highly beneficial to health, therefore the alkaline water pitcher adds useful minerals such as calcium and magnesium to your average tap water.

This way, your energy levels are boosted. Chlorine is one of the most popular elements found in tap water, and this can actually be dangerous to the kidneys and liver if consumed excessively. The Santevia Water System is able to remove heavy metals, chlorine, and other toxins from water, hence securing your health.


  1. It uses an advanced filtration, activated carbon, ion-exchange resin, to remove chlorine heavy metals, and make water alkaline.
  2. It uses an unbreakable tritan plastic
  3. It has an easy to fill lid
  4. The filter increases pH level of water
  5. In addition to filtering it, the filter mineralizes the water
  6. It comes with a filter change timer


  1. Enjoy mineral-rich and healthy alkaline water
  2. It can easily fit into the refrigerator
  3. It helps to balance the pH of the body
  4. Add useful minerals to the water
  5. Removes harmful impurities and toxins, including heavy metals and chlorine
  6. It can boost the immune system and energy level


  1. The timer is pretty sensitive
  2. The pitcher quality can do with some improvement
  3. The lid doesn’t fit into the pitcher easily

  1. Zero water Filter Pitcher: package includes  3 Replacement Filter and Free Water Quality Meter

It has the credential of being the only water filtration pitcher that has been certified by the NSF to reduce lead as well as chromium found in drinking water. The Zero 10 Cup Pitcher has a strong five-stage filtration process which removes close to 99.6% of solid dissolved in water.

It employs BPA plastic, meaning there is no added threat of danger entering into your drinking water from the plastic that is used. It is quite easy and convenient to use, as it comes with one-handed spout which works on a ‘push to dispense’ method. This translate to mean that you can easily fill your bottle or cup with one free arm.

The pitcher comes with a TDS meter that offers a clear digital recording, notifying you of when you need to change the filter. It has a patented Ion Exchange System which provides you with water with almost 000ppm reading on a TDS meter. It is also about the only filtration system which matches the definition of purified bottled water according to the FDA standards.


  1. 10 Cup Water Filtering Pitcher:

You are certain to always have a cleaner, pure tasting water thanks to this BPA-free water pitcher. It comes with a free quality water meter which helps you test the water, this way you won’t be in doubt regarding its quality.

  1. Five stage water filtration:

Compared to most other water filters, ZeroWater filter employs a five-stage filtration, to guarantee you a cleaner and better tasting water. Rather than depend on carbon filtering alone, the pitcher’s filters use ion exchange technology to reduce the level of contaminants.

  1. Extraordinary:

It filters water in five different stages, plus it is NSF certified to reduce the presence of lead and other heavy metals. It removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids, which is two times more than what other competitors are capable of doing.

  1. Take Lead out:

Its filters are the only pour-through filters certified by NSF to take out Chromium and Lead. It removes virtually every solid, to leave you with the purest tasting water.


  1. It has the distinction of being the only pitcher certified by the NSF which reduces lead and chromium
  2. It features a five-stage filtration process which takes out close to 99.9% of solids dissolved in water
  3. The pitcher is made with BPA free plastic
  4. It has a one-handed spout which works on a ‘push to dispense’ method, making it convenient to use
  5. The pitcher uses TDS meter which notifies you on when to change the filter


  1. Water is likely to taste or smell acidic a few weeks after using the water purifier pitcher

  1. invigorated Water Filter Pitcher

The UV lamp present in the clean water compartment of this filter jug is one of the major attraction to this product. This water filter pitcher takes things to a whole new level as it permits cleaning water on two levels. The first level is the filter while the second is the UV light which kills bacteria and in the process sterilizes the water.

Although you can’t put it in the fridge, but this is something most people can live with. It comes with an impressive design and a functionality that is off the chain. It has a volume of 3.5 liters, that is 10 cups of filtered water. As regards its lifespan, you get an average of 40 gallons or about 300 refills.


  1. 4 layer water filtration:

The Aozora water pitcher features four-layer filtration; filter screen, ion exchange resin, activated carbon granules, and PET fabric. It is able to retain beneficial metals such as Calcium and Magnesium but eliminates harmful substances such as Chlorine, Lead, and Zine. With such advanced technology, your drinking water is certain to be better than it initially was with your new best drinking water filter pitcher.

  1. Edible grade material:

The pitcher is made from 100% BPA and 100% baby food grade. This not only meets the NSF standards of 42 and 53, but it far exceeds it. This means they are durable and reliable enough to satisfy the needs of the entire family, particularly the children. This purifier will purify your drinking water and give you a healthier life.

  1. Saves money and reduce waste:

With just one Aozora filter you can save up to 1800 bottles each year. Also, it cost less than bottled water.

  1. Perfect size:

This countertop pitcher has a capacity for 10 cups and is able to meet your family daily drinking needs. The size is also perfect for storing in the refrigerator, making it apt for those who love drinking cold water.

  1. Easy to use and clean:

The Aozora filter adopts a humanized design, which makes it easy to clean and use. Users are able to detach every part of the pitcher, allowing for thorough washing.


  1. It has a perfect size which makes it easy to store in the fridge
  2. It is easy to clean as every part of the pitcher is detachable
  3. It produces clean and better tasting water


  1. It is pretty expensive
  2. Some users complain that it leaks constantly through an opening in the bottom

  1. Waterdrop Extream Long-Lasting filter pitcher

The Waterdrop Extream 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher blends exclusive design with sophisticated filtration technology. It features a pre sediment layer that is made from non-woven material and can filter out dirt, rust, silt, and suspended solids.

Following this layer is another which is an activated carbon fiber which is able to absorb 10 times better than ordinary carbon to reduce the presence of chlorine, contaminants, and other VOCs. It also has an ion exchange resin which helps to reduce the limescale in tap water, thereby lowering the water hardness. Finally, it has a post filter made from non-woven material which further removes more contaminants.


  1. Capacity and lifespan:

The Waterdrop has a very impressive lifespan of 200 gallons, equivalent to 90 days for an average household. Users are advised to change the filters accordingly, as the quality of the filtration will decrease over time. It has a large holding tank that is able to hold up to 10 cups of water, which makes it ideal for large families.

  1. Design and material:

It features an ergonomic and contemporary design that makes it apt for modern kitchen. The Waterdrop measures 11.2x 5x 11.2 inches made from shutterproof plastic body. This allows it to snug easily into a fridge. Rather than use plastic, it features a comfort-grip wooden handle. It has a pour spout cover which prevents particulates, odor, and bugs from finding their way into clean water. It has an electronic monitor which notifies users of when they need to change the filters.

  1. Certified and tested:

The unit has been certified by NSF/ANSI standards 61 for material safety.


  1. It is effective for removing chlorine and VOCs
  2. It has a filter life indicator
  3. It has a long lifespan
  4. It has a fast flow rate
  5. It reduces the hardness of water
  6. It has a large holding tank


  1. It has a bottom-heavy and wobbly design

Buying Guide: What to look out for when buying a Water Filter Pitcher

  1. Performance:

The type of water going into your home will determine, to a large extent, the type of model you should opt for. Different models are designed to filter specific contaminants, such as Lead, Copper, or Mercury. But generally, majority of them filter out sediment, chlorine, rust, and dust. If your water source contain bacteria or other micro organism then you need to check to confirm that the filter can accommodate this type of filtration as not all filters are capable of doing this.

  1. Speed:

One problem many pitcher-type filters face is poor filtering speed. This usually forces users to leave the water overnight, only to get a small pitcher of water. A good water filter should be able to filter water quickly without compromising on the quality of the water. Some filters can be annoying and known for clogging, forcing users to remove the cartridge and shake the components loose.

  1. Double duty:

According to many studies alkaline water is known to help reduce inflammation and acidity, prevent diseases, aid in weight loss, increase metabolism, improve immunity, and slow down aging process by taking out free radicals.

Some pitchers do not just filter but can help ionize water, thereby increasing its alkalinity and adding useful trace minerals, e.g. Magnesium and Calcium. Beneficial elements such as this tends to be filtered out in reverse osmosis or in many other whole house filtration systems.

  1. Size:

Large households usually prefer filters with substantial holding tanks which is able to satisfy their drinking needs. Singles or those who are few in their houses may prefer to go for smaller pitchers. If space is a concern, then compact sized pitchers are easier to store.

  1. Design and convenience:

There are a couple of factors that needs to be considered here, such as how easy the unit can be held and tilted without spilling if the lid is able to support easy filling via a separate flap, how easy is it to fill, and its stability when it is filled to the brim.

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Benefits of Buying a Water Filter Pitcher

The water filter pitcher is a popular type of home water filtration, below are some of the benefits of buying one
of the best water filter pitcher for home;

  1. Low purchase cost:

The low financial barrier to entry is one of the main attraction of homeowners to this form of water filtration device. They usually cost virtually the same price or are much cheaper than most other water filtration methods. Depending on the brand you choose to go for, an average pitcher filter goes for between $20 and $60. This could last for as long as you can use it. Aside from this you may opt for and benefit from many bundled offers which are commonly run and come with 2-3 filters.

  1. Effective water filtration:

Water filter pitcher is an effective way to remove significant amount of contaminants from the water supplied to your property from the main water source. This helps to make the water far more portable and palatable to drink. Some of these contaminants include; chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, and zinc.

Although these materials may not be harmful when consumed in low quantity, they can have significant negative effect in large doses. The removal of these contaminants and heavy metals can help to improve the function of the digestive system, giving you a better overall health.

  1. Ease of use:

This is another important reason most people choose this option rather than buying bottled water or using a whole house filter. What can be simpler than a jug which only requires filling with water from your tap? And then you only have to change the filter every couple of month. After your filter has filtered a defined quantity of water, measured usually in days, all you then need to do is have the filter cartridge replaced so as to begin enjoying fresh drinking water once again. you also get to drink water at various water temperature as per the need to hydrate your body.

  1. Large capacity:

Some large filters come with enough capacity to provide 18 glasses of water, this way, you can pre-filter large quantity of water before they are actually required. You can store this water and access it whenever you want.

  1. Excellent portability:

It isn’t just at home that you require clean drinking water, most people tend to tend to take their pitcher along with them when traveling or alternatively purchase another one to be used in at a location where they frequent. The portability of these water filters make them excellent for movement between locations.

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FAQ When Buying a Water Filter Pitcher

  1. Why do I need a water purifier in my home?

It is absolutely important for every home to have a water purifying system for both drinking and bathing water. Regardless of where you may live, there are contaminants in raw water.

The water treatment plant in every city adds chlorine to prevent people from falling ill due to the presence of toxic algae or bacteria. world health filteration factsheet suggest that you must have a water filter system and filter pitchers at home to drink clean water always for better health.

Some other chemicals may also be added for other reasons. But when this water gets to the point of use it is your responsibility to remove these chemicals, as long-time consumption of them can be detrimental to your health. Chlorine is believed to be responsible for the suffering and early death in millions of people for many years.

This element tends to combine with other compounds to form new harmful ones. so the answer to your question which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants? depends upon the type of filtration system it uses and how efficient it is with different water-borne chemicals and other unwanted elements in your drinking water.

  1. What does BPA-free mean?

When a pitcher is made out of BPA-free materials, it simply means that the plastic used in its construction does not have chemicals which would seep into the water thereby contaminating it.

  1. How often will I have to change the filter?

Generally, the filters in your pitcher will last for more or less time depending on the level of contaminants in your water source.

For water source that is highly contaminated, the filters will clog up faster. But generally, you will be expected to change your filter one every 2-3 months.

  1. How do I know when to change filters?

One of the most effective way to tell when filters need changing is to have the date of installation marked in the calendar or anywhere that you can easily see.

This will remind you constantly. Alternatively, you may also change filters when you notice that the water is draining slower than expected or the water starts to taste different.

  1. How can I have confidence in a water filtration capability of a filter?

It is expected that a reliable water filter pitcher must have certification from an independent organization, e.g. NSF which attest to any claim made by the manufacturer.

  1. What duration of the warranty is considered acceptable?

A 90-days warranty is fair enough for an average water filter pitcher. However, a 1-2 years warranty is much more acceptable.


There is no doubt that these water filter pitcher has taken the world by storm and has become the most preferred option of filtering tap water.

If you have a small household, say less than four, which doesn’t demand feature a large demand for drinking water, then choosing any of the filters reviewed above after doing the water filter pitcher comparison in your mind will be a great way to change the way you and your family enjoy clean and palatable water.

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